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Tell me about Solitude and Brighton

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So, I've got great info on Snowbasin and Powder Mountain. How about Solitude and Brighton. If you had 1 day to ski one area, which would it be......Solitude or Brighton.... and tell me why.
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Solitude all day.

Then over to Brighton and enjoy the night skiing!
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I've skiied them both. They have different personalities. Brighton has 3 high speed quads and you can hammer a bunch of vertical there. Also, great rolling cruisers. Solitude has 1 high speed quad, and the rest of the lifts are slow. However, to me the terrain has more of an adventurous back country feel, especailly Honeycomb Canyon. Depends on what you're looking for. P.S. Food is way better at Solitude if that makes any difference.
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If it's dumping, Solitude because I love Milk Run and Parachute.

Otherwise Brighton off Millicent and Evergreen lifts.
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I've skiied both a bunch. Brighton gets my vote all the way. It has good lifts, no crowds, and easy to move around. I have always been disappointed with Solitude, except for their food (but that doesn't even matter). The lifts at Solitude are dreadful and from to me, there was a lot of poling you had to there.

I definately recommend Brighton, it's our family favorite. We skiied 5/6 days there last year, which was a little much, but for one day it's definatly the place to go.
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Originally Posted by wasatchskier View Post
...We skiied 5/6 days there last year, which was a little much, but for one day it's definatly the place to go...
: Dude, 5 of 6 days at Alta or Snowbird is a bit much. 5 of 6 days at Brighton is more than I've skied there in a lifetime. I would have died of the boredom.

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Jeez. The food at Brighton must be terrible.
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Actually, Brighton food is not that bad. Just your basic chili, fries and burgers. I'm just spoiled and am always looking for really good food. Go ahead, beat me up, I'm one of the Ski Magazine readers that dare to rate food as important.
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Believe me, up here in NorthEast, Maine food is important!!!!
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My advice Sugaree is skip Solitude and Brighton this time around. I think all 3 Park City based areas are bigger and better and more interesting. Honeycomb Canyon at Solitude is nice, but you've only got, what, like 5-days. ou would be better off repeating a day at the Bird, or maybe buying and Alta/Bird ticket and hitting the highlights of both areas one more time.
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I think Brighton is underrated. I have a love-hate relationship with it. It attracts a lot of beginners because kids ski free there. It also is dominated with snowboarders because Brighton was one of the first resorts to embrace snowboarding. Brighton has one of the best lift situations in the Cottonwoods. Their queue management leaves a lot to be desired, though. The lifties pretty much let the boarders be complete jackasses. Even with the line management problems, though, I still have almost no time waiting in lines at Brighton - especially when compared with Alta and the Bird.

I tend to disgree with those who prefer the Millicent and Evergreen side of the mountain. The chairs are slow and the mountain is exposed so the powder doesn't keep well preserved. If you're into trees, there are tons of skis off of each of the three high-speed quads you can ski almost top to bottom. The powder gets preserved very nicely in those trees days after a dump.

I've only skied Solitude a couple of times - I get really annoyed with slow double chairs everywhere. I am giving it another chance this year (bought a six-day pass). Most do prefer Solitude to Brighton.
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Brighton gets skied out before Solitude. So if it has been a couple of days since a good dump of snow then I would go to Solitude. The other factor is the day of the week. If you're going to be at one of them on a Saturday or when school's out, then I'd head to Solitude as Brighton tends to be a high school hangout with all the bad that implies when it comes to boarders on the hill. On the other hand, Brighton is pretty nice as long as you stay away from the blue trail areas. And if you have young ones, they ski free.
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I liked Solitude a lot more than I did Brighton. Brighton seemed to have a lot more beginner trails and less challenging trails. Perhaps the glades are where the challange lies at Brighton?
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I love Solitude...Honeycomb Canyon is cool............however the new( very nice!) Moonbeam lodge has a grand total of one bathroom on each floor for each sex (onesies).

Over last Christmas there was a 20+ minute line to take a leak.

Who designed that lodge anyway??

I can only hope there is a better set up in the village.
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