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Silverton Mountain

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I have heard mixed things about Silverton, some love it some hate it, but I still want to try it this year.

And you can't argue with the beauty of this.

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It's definitely on the 'ToDo List' this year. The basin is beautiful and I've spring skied the general area in the past and there is a mixed bag of terrain, though I'm not yet clear on exact skiing terrain used by Silverton. There's only one way to find out for yourself.

Here's a shot from Red Mtn toward the lift and basin:

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I missed the trip 2 seasons ago when my skiing buddies went. They did not like the guided/snow farming aspect of the place. In other words, the guide will lay down a set of tracks and you have to stay inside of them. I can see how this would preserve freshies for everyone though.
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Part of the reason for laying down the tracks at Silverton is that all over the mountain there are privately owned mines. A few of the owners don't like the ski operations going. The relationship between some of the mine owners (all vacated mines) and the skiers is not very good. Also, mineshafts are notoriously dangerous and if a skier were to fall in one of those areas there is a major safety issue and there are multiple liability issues at play. They do try to keep some freshies for people but it really is mainly a safety and liability thing. Silverton is an amazing mountain. The terrain is stellar, the guides are solid. There may be some unguided this spring but go with a guide and have a blast. The worst thing there is if you get stuck with skiers much slower than you so bring a group.
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Slow Squiggly Lines..

Is not my idea of skiing powder. For many skiers this will be fine, but I'd rather have a pow day at Taos or Crested Butte than follow the guides line.
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General Information

Skiing 2006/07:
Thanksgiving/November 2006 –January 14th 2007 Unguided skiing (guides still available for those who want guided skiing at that time, reservations for guided skiing during this period available now). Could open sooner with good early season snow.

January 18th – April 1, 2007
Guided Only Skiing with approx 80 skiers a day or less. Reservations for guided skiing available now!

April 5 - April 31, 2007
Unguided skiing returns (guides still available for those who want guided skiing at that time, reservations for guided skiing during this period available now). We will stay open longer if there is sufficient demand.

(Guided skiers are allowed access to certain areas of the mountain unguided skiers are not during the unguided season on a daily basis, as per BLM safety regs. These areas are constantly shifting around the mtn based on snow safety with loads of great terrain for both. Silverton Mt at 1,819 acres is larger than Telluride)

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