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Originally Posted by SnowbirdDevotee View Post
and as far as lies go, no I don't think Alta lies, I think for whatever reason it must be Snowbird that lies and undertallies their acreage.
Again, see:

Simply not the case. They both report fairly.
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this should solve the puzzle

paradise right here, Little Cloud Bowl, (ain't no teacup)
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maybe it is time to get going on this again, but for starters you can look at this Feb05 thread.
alta vs snowbird for experts.
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Stay away! Stay away!

Originally Posted by jamesdeluxe View Post
Never been. I tried doing a search -- unfortunately, type in "Big Mountain" and you get a gazillion threads -- but no one's mentioned it... has anyone skied there for five days? Looks decent-sized... has a reputation for being a big blue square, but this review says there's steeper stuff too:
Avoid this place like the plague! Every year for the past five, the week after New Year's, I get dragged away from my comfortable desk and have to spend five days skiing there. In all seriousness, people sometime complain about the fog but if you stick to the trees or stay lower down in the mountain you shouldn't have a problem - and when it eventually clears the views are incredible! This place gets lots of snow and no lifts lines to speak of during the week. And because they don't open all the lifts all the time (the two HSQs and a couple of other fixed grips handle the bulk of the load), there's easily accessible fresh stuff to ski even two or three days after a big dump. As for black or double black terrain, its certainly there if you're willing to look. Just watch for a local (they usually say "hi" in the parking lot).
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If you get the combo pass you can do both resorts so Alta/Bird would be possible for sure. Plus as some have suggested if you hike (lots of best terrain is hiked at Alta) you have so many options.

I'd have to say Snowmass has a lot to explore. Plus in reality with the ski shuttle service or whatever they call it, you can really do 4 mountains in Aspen with no car, which is nice.
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