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Atomic Metron poles

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ANyone used the Atomic Metron poles? Any good?

I'm sure that poles are just poles but just wondering as I can get them free with a ski magazine subscription so might be worth it.

I'm 6ft tall so thinking of getting them at about 49 inches long. Any thoughts?
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Just graphics to match the Metron skis, sounds like 49 will be a good length.
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Conventional thought says that while standing in your boots you should hold the ski pole upside down just under the basket and if your arm is bent at a 90 degree angle the length is correct.
I believe the Metron pole is aluminum, which is light but can be bent easily as opposed to composite which is less likely to get creased.
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I heard they ski long and you should go short LOL

Turn'em over and grab them under the basket. Are your elbows at a 90 degree angle? How long are your current poles?

If in doubt get them long you can always cut them down.
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Couple of questions on the back of this:
1/ The shop measured me in a skiing stance and reckoned some 120cm (47") poles would do the job as the 125cm (49") seemed too long. Surely in my ski boots on top of skis, the 125cm (49") would be better?

2/ How easy is it to cut them down to size, what do you do, just saw through them and then?
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1) do you have long or short arms?

2) I've cut em w/ an X-acto 1" hobby saw. No problem. The biggest beef may be getting the grips off.
If it is just stick the rubber grip in semi boiling water for 25-35 seconds...that worked for me.
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Originally Posted by Gotama View Post
1) do you have long or short arms?
Long but I'm no gorilla! ALthough that's debateable
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remove stubborn grips with 8-12" pipe wrench- tighten wrench below grip so it fits loosley and grip wont slip thru, rest grip end of pole on floor put foot on arm of pipewrench pulllllll--works like a charm--just dont punch yourself in face during process i still look like a raccoon.
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