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yet another DIN question

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I already did a search on this and din't qiute find the answer I was looking for. I have the '04-'05 Marker Motion AT with PCOS binding mounted on my Volkl 6 Stars. I had the boot sole length set by a shop and my DIN set at 8.5. (I'm 6'0 290lbs level 3 boot sole 315mm)
I want to increase my DIN to a 10 or 11 for mogul skiing because my skis released on me a couple times this year in bumps. If I increase my DIN do I need to readjust my foward pressure setting? I know the foward pressure setting is on the bottom of the heel piece and it has a grey triangle. If I need to readjust my foward pressure setting how do I go about doing this? Any step by step process on how to do this and how to know when everything is set properly will be very helpful!

side note: I asked the shop to set my DIN to a where I now want it and they said the highest they could go (legally) is an 8.5 where I fall on their chart.
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Some bindigs require the forward pressure to change with the DIN, someone who is more familier with that binding should chime in. Past that, a shop needs to stay w/in the DIN perameters and for them to be covered by the manufacturer for litigation they need to work within the realm of the chart. Now, it you want to crack your bindings to 10 or 12, that is your business but, if you get hurt because the binding does not release, you will be waiving your right to sue the shop/Marker (in this case).
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Someone has to know how the answer to this.

Phil: thanks for your response!
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No. You won't have to re-adjust the forward pressure.
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Atown, the forward pressure for that binding is adjusted correctly at all DIN settings when the white triangle (arrow) on the spring-loaded plunger at the bottom of the heel is halfway concealed inside the binding housing. I run mine anywhere between nearly flush with the housing, to half-way out. If the arrow is fully exposed (or if the plunger is fully inside the heel), you need to shorten (lengthen) the binding, (which is how forward pressure on that model is changed), by releasing the lock-tab and turning the binding size dial between the toe and heel.
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Thanks! So the triangle should be half way in (or out depending on how you look at it). I had the boot sole length adjusted by a shop so everything would be set correctly. I just wanted to increase and decrease my DIN depending on what I want to mostly ski that day and how fast I want to ski it. Thanks for the info!
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Do the new ('06-'07) Marker iPT bindings have the same foward pressure adjustment?
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