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Lake Tahoe in January

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Taking a trip out to Lake Tahoe Jan 7 to 14 and staying in Heavenly. Wanted to know how conditions are this time of the year. We are all experienced skiers (backcountry, trees, cliffs, bumps, park, etc.) looking for some good skiing and partying. Been going to Utah the last 3 years, but needed some change in scene, plus none of us have been to Tahoe. Any local knowledge of the mountain would be appreciated. Also, are there any backcountry guides around the area? Looking to do a day trip somewhere in the area.
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well, motts canyon should fit you nicely and i dont know how you couldnt go to squaw and kirkwood being there for a week. you can catch shuttles to both. dont know about backcountry.
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also Mt. Rose...

as for the snow conditions?

that will really depend on the weather we have prior to your visit. while it has been snowing on and off for the past few weeks, nothing is sticking right now, to the best of my knowledge.

last january was kick ass, though.

i'm on the fence about sharing my tips about is too crowded already!!! i'll just say this: watch out for the California side!

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One thing to consider is to buy their season pass if you plan to ski fairly exclusively at Heavenly. Its still available for $349. At $70 per day, that pass is paid for in five days. January usually sees all piste and off-piste terrain open. Storms may cause occasional closure of the top of the mountain. Weather can be moderately cold and stormy or mild and sunny. We seem to get storms in waves that leave entire weeks storm-free followed by a heavy dump. There are several backcountry gates. If you are equipped with beacons, shovel, probe and some BC knowledge you can go through on your own. I don't know if Heavenly's ski school offers guided backcountry. Sierra at Tahoe hooks you up on a reservation basis with a ski patrol guide and gives you some basic training then goes on a half-day tour in Huckelberry Canyon. Sime nice lines in there. Kirkwood offers Expedition Kirkwood through the ski school and can hook you up with guided backcountry or cat served skiing at Martin's Point. If you have the money, the CAT skiing can be unbelievable. We used to hike in there to ski, but the resort is protecting the terrain for paying clients. If you can hook up accomodations at Kirkwood, the lift pass there is a similarly good deal. Very different experience than South Lake/Heavenly.
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here's a link to some deals on lift tix:

Keep in mind that the Albertson's cheap tix aren't available anywhere in S. Lake!
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One thing to keep in mind is that the Sierra is generally warmer than skiing in VT or UT. If it is a sunny week, it will be warm spring like skiing (even in Jan). So, you probably want to pack at least some clothes for warmer weather.

BTW: Last year on about the same dates (week before Martin Luther King w/e), we had a warm week. It was some great corn skiing. Then a big storm rolled in on Friday night….
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weather, skiing mid-week, MLK weekend

Weather: It might not be so cold (i.e. might be around 30-35 degrees or more) so make sure to bring stuff to keep you dry and not too hot, i.e. a good 20000 shell/layers is preferable to an insulated jacket.

Squaw: Hit Squaw mid-week & you'll be doing laps. Seriously, just get up & head over there (should be no traffic around the lake). If you think you've skied everything there after a few hours - you haven't. Head to Silverado, be careful, & don't get cliffed out.

If you don't mind the drive, do it again & hit Alpine Meadows midweek.

Kirkwood: Hit the 'Wood on Saturday 1/13 & leave the crowds at Heavenly. It's MLK weekend.

Mt. Rose: Hit it on the 14th & go straight to the airport or stay in Reno & party that night before you fly home. Even if you've got a reservation in Heavenly for Sunday night, Reno lodging on a Sunday night is uber cheap & you'll appreciate having a 5 min. drive to the airport.

Heavenly: I don't have any special knowledge, but there's lots of good tree skiing, so long as you don't pull a Bono (Sonny, that is). There's also Mott/Killebrew & the Nevada side in general...
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check out Alpine skills International and/or Pacific Crest Snowcats. they have good BC guides and tours. but they are both out of Truckee.
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Smart advice from Dino IMHO.

It should be obvious that you need a car to be flexible and get the most out of Tahoe skiing.
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thanks a lot sounds like it should be a blast.........ahhhh sooooo soon til ski season in the east, cant wait.....anyone wants to meet up in tahoe that week, we'd be down.
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