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Happy Birthday MTT

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Happy birthday and congrats on the new job Michael. Enjoyed skiing with you last year, and all the contributions you have made to this community.

Whoa! look at the size of that picture!

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Wow! You're still having birthdays!
(Cirque, I'm not believing your lies anymore)

Hope its the best year, with many more to come!
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I imagine you are singing to the music of those turns, MTT. Happy Birthday toooooo yooooooooooooou!
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Looks like he's having fun = expert skier!

Happy Birthday!
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Add my birthday wishes to the list.

Happy Birthday!!

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Have a happy B-Day!! I won't be long now until we are make those kind of turns.

See you soon.

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happy birthday MTT
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and close your mouth when you ski would ya
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Have a great day MTT! One HELL of a good skiier. I haven't forgotten that I owe you some beer, too.
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Thank You For the Birthday well wishers

For some reason I am unable to post a reply to my B Day thread.

Tom, thank you for the thread and memorable picture. What was a very nice day. That picture is shocking in the size ands resolution.

It makes those 194 LP's look small?

Again Thanks guys, i look forward to skiing with you all again this winter!!

And Happy Birthday to all of you who’s B-day seems to have fallen on or near the same day as mine.
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MTT, I've been away from Epic for most of this past week, and I'm sorry I missed this... Happy Birthday!!!!!
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