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screws on back of boot

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If you want to soften the boot slightly, would you remove the top screw, or the bottom, or both? What would be the difference in feel/function between removing the top vs. the bottom? (Lange WC 100 team)
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i would remove the top screw. Don't remove both screws. It will make the boot less responsive.
Read posts #3 and #5 from this thread. As you can see, Jeff recommends removing the top screw too.
Some boots come with only one screw in. That is the bottom screw and you can put the top screw in if you want a stiffer boot.

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I can't imagine why you would need to soften that boot.
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Actually not planning on softening it, just want to familiarize myself with the features.
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try it and see your self, if you dont like it, just screw it back in...
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The flex should go from stiffest to softest in this sequence:

1) Both in
2) Upper in only
3) Lower in only
4) None in

Try them with none in! It's amazing to ski with that much ankle movement. Your ability to balance will go through the roof. And eventually, you'll put the bolts back in, but you'll have learnt what they do for you.
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cool, thx!
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