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London's ski season warms up

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We have no snow, but we have a show.
The Metro Ski Show (Metro being a free London newspaper) opened its doors today, and the punters rolled in ... mainly very very overdressed.
October temperatures this side of the pond are as far removed from winter as it's possible to be, but that doesn't seem to be detering anyone from shopping for ski holidays, hardware, and unneccessary/useless ski accessories.

I usually give the Ski Show a miss. It's been going for around 35 years, pretty samey from year to year and has ten times less pizazz and snowbiz than it had 20 years ago. The stunt skiers and boarders on the big quarter pipe just don't cut it. On snow they'd leave people with popping eyes. A nice touch, though, is a big wide slope for people to try skiing for the very first time. Even skiing on a big artificial ski carpet (Snowflex) ordinary people were really enjoying themselves - you could tell they were hooked ... and would be heading for the hills.

EpicSkiers may be pleased to know that Canada and the USA (in that order of magnitude) are by far the most aggressively promoted destinations in the hall. A couple of decades ago the show was dominated by French and Austrian resorts but the push for Transatlantic ski traffic is now pushy indeed.

British ski hardware retailing is dominated by two chains of sports shops: Ellis Brigham and Snow+Rock. The two businesses stake each other out with massive stands, yards apart, gobbling up a major chunk of the show's floorspace. Each produces ski gear catalogues the size of phone directories, but a little more colourful. Other gear guys in the show are just also-rans ... mere spectators ... trading goggles, end-of-line ski boots and the skis people didn't want from last winter.

The most energetic thing I did (apart from heaving around a growing pile of brochures and magazines (don't miss the Dark Summer stand) was trying the 'Indoboard' - a big and sophisticated balance board on a roller or air cushion which is a significanly impressive leg workout.
I was so impressed I'll even give it a link: www.indoeurope.com [link not working at time of posting]
The ski world is full of fancy, mainly useless, ski preparation machines but this one gives you thigh burn, posture control, balance, core stability and the rest. The ankle strength you could achieve on these boards would be tremendous, though less needed in alpine skiing. Cheap for what it could achieve.

Anyway ... after a 10 minute ride on that board, and a couple of hours at the show overall I was pleased to get back into the non-Alpine air [though may return on Saturday].

Any other reports welcome - I missed a lot!
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Looks very like something I had as a child nearly 50 years ago, but wider and more free, since mine had a groove around the middle of the cylinder and a corresponding rib along the underside of the board, so it could only move in one plane.
Is this mostly of use to boarders or is it good for skiers too do you reckon?
Once I had got the hang of my old one it ceased to be a work-out, but must have continued to hone ballance.
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Here's a photo:

Snowball, From the feel of it, it's ideal for any board or ski sports.

Re the opening post, here's a revised link that should work: www.indoboard.com
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