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More Falling

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This is a little more in depth to recent polls. There are more questions and some are a little more exact. Oh yeah please any mistakes, this is the first poll I have done so this is my best shot. I already found a mistake after posting, #13, the 6th choice for the answer should read-3-6 days a week. And question 11s answers aren't that well developed, use your best judgement. Thanks

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Nice poll, a lot of good questions.
Two I found difficult to answer were:

Question 3: What % of your winter seasons have you been skiing?
Do you mean how much each season, or how many seasons of your life?

Question 13: How many days do you hit the slopes a season?
Because I don't live near a ski area, and have to fly to destinations, I tend to do about 3 weeks skiing a year. The options seemed to be aimed more at those who could travel each weekend, or every day of the season to ski.

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Question 3 was supposed to be seasons in your lifetime.
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