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You ex-roomie sounds like he was from "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure".

Getting good house-mates is 80% of the battle. Unfortunately, when you're young, it takes a lot of bodies to afford a house. The odds stack against you.

Ultimately, forced proximity and involvement with "those going nowhere", results in a gag response.
You can only take so much.

Kudos to those who went with a vision for a long-term, fulfilling life, and created it.

Apparently, I was hanging out with the wrong crowd - which included me.
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Originally Posted by bjtuna View Post
The idea that anything in your life will ever be "over" or "finished" is a common trap. It's a box into which you place yourself.

What does this mean with regards to bumming? It means that if you are thinking about being a bum, go. Tie up your loose ends and go. Do NOT fall into the trap of planning your euphoric bum-life for after retirement or some other such milestone.

Neither school, nor your current job, nor even your family or debt are preventing you from doing anything you really want to do (unless you're in jail...).

Pursue that which you are passionate about, and pursue it until you no longer feel that passion. Then move on.
Some of this is against everything I stand for as a family man (e.g., commitment, responsibility, fidelity), but ... the great thing about skiing/boarding is once on snow none of that would matter and I bet I'd have a great time taking a few runs with bjtuna if he/she would wait up for me :-)
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Wait, Slider, is that you with the Dew planks?

and where the hell were all you folks when I was in college? none of my buddies ever thought to become ski bums while we were at school...
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As the saying goes, "It's never too late to have a happy childhood." My wife keeps reminding me she has two boys and one of 'em is her age. So I guess my childhood is perpetual.

Moved to CO for school, couldn't focus, did a three year sabbatical to really learn to turn and live in the mountains, returned to school with focus and a plan, moved back to the mountains and scratched to ski and survive. Currently, (for the last 17 years) when conditions merit, usually Nov-Apr, tour out the back door at lunch or whenever, sometimes to private pow stashes, skate ski 20 minutes away, 45 minutes to first chair on powder days and back to home office after lunch. Two hours to Telluride, 1-hour or less to backcountry skiing. Continue spring skiing into June & July when possible. Bike and hike and other stuff when skiing isn't good or off season.

Technology, computer skills and home office allow for low overhead and high flexibility to roll with the storms and conditions and time of day. Then there are the self-employed and other responsibilities where it's all right there within reach, and you cannot touch it. Wouldn't trade this gig for anything....
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Alpinord: if you don't mind me asking, what do you do?
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Originally Posted by wasatchskier View Post
Interesting ideas...I can't wait till I get to live the ski dream. However, I will put academics & my future first. I am now a freshmen in college. My plan is to of course graduate from college and then head on to graduate school. I will either attend graduate school somewhere out west where I can ski often (w/o compromising school) or will move out west for a few years after graduate school. What do you guys think of this?? It's interesting to hear your responses to your ski bum lifestyle.
My suggestion to you is that if you're going to be a bum, be a bum. Go all out and take off a year or two before grad school. Don't try to do both at the same time; that will only wind up compromising both school and the bumming experience. As far as getting into grad school is concerned, taking time off after your undergraduate degree for "self exploration and assessment" is perfectly acceptable and even encouraged. Just remember to have all recommendations and revelant application material done before you leave college. Bumming for a year after grad school, however, may be frowned upon by later potential employers. They are less likely to understand the conditions, and some may simply view your time off skiing as a period of unemployment where you weren't able to find a job after finishing school.
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Originally Posted by HookedOnWinter View Post
what do you do?
Continually seek balance between a professional, family and active outdoor life.
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Originally Posted by Alpinord View Post
Continually seek balance between a professional, family and active outdoor life.
Great answer. :
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