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The Joys Of Local Ski Areas

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We were going up to Whistler last Sunday to catch a good pow dump and check out the World Cup Aerials, but turned around when it became obvious it was going to take about 4hrs to drive the Sea to Sky Highway due to ice. We went instead to a place I hadn't been to in a long time, Grouse Mtn, about 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver. You then get on a 100 passenger tram that takes you up to 1100m from close to sea level in 6 minutes. We were pleased to find a 300cm base, about 25cm new, and nobody sking the pow! Funny, it seems to be mostly a beginner and family area, though there's some decent diamond terrain. Kinda funny to see some of the old equipment and neon outfits people were wearing. ST Comps with S555 bindings, and lime green one-pieces. Nobody cares, everyone smiles and is friendly, and just there for good fun. There are 4 chairs (1 HSQ, 3 dbls) that serve 1400' vert. A refreshing change from Whistler indeed, all for $85cdn (duh) for our family of 4! Also included in the lift price is skating on the outdoor rink, sleigh rides, use of XC ski or snowshoe tracks, and stellar views of the city. A thoroughly enjoyable place to spend a day, and it saves us 3hrs to/from Whistler driving on a good day.

If you're coming up from Seattle, or awaiting a flight in Vancouver before/after Whistler, check it out... you can get there on a city bus from anywhere in metro Vancouver for $1.75 to $3.50!
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You know I was going to post a question about Grouse the other day (but changed my mind).

It's been years since I've been there but I remember it being a nice facility. I was wondering why no one ever mentioned it.

With the right amount of snow just about any hill can be fun......for example, take Snoqualmie which is a short distance from Seattle. Normally I would not ski there but I've hit some night skiing there after a good pounding of snow and it was incredible.
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I skied Grouse about 13 years ago.

I wanted to see if it really was possible to get from downtown Vancouver onto skis within an hour. It was! Slightly less than an hour, if I recall.

I loved the place, even though I'd just driven in from Banff/Lake Louise and Panorama, precisely because it was so unpretentious.

And the views were indeed something else.

If Grouse was on MY doorstep, I'd be there a lot! A lot lot!

I even bought the sweatshirt and only consigned it to history last year!
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When I was a kid in North Van...skied for the Tyee Race team at Grouse....at night, the best city view in the world...also try Mt. Seymour!
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