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Best family trip near LA?

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Just wanted to know if anyone had a great family exper. Utah vs Mammoth vs Colorado? Love to hear which of your trips were the easiest an most fun for the family.
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I have lived in the L.A. area since I began skiing in 1976 and raised a son who is now on UCSD's ski team. My ex-wife and younger son were more casual skiers. So I could provide some answers but it depends on what your priorities are. Level of ski ability, age of kids, etc.

I don't mind the driving that much, so I've done a lot of Mammoth weekends and also the 4-day fly to SLC and rent a car type trips. With younger kids there can be more wear and tear in travel, so there was a slight tendency toward less frequent but longer duration trips in those years. I still also tended to move around and try new places. The 21-year-old has been to 70 ski areas.
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My brother lives in So Cal and used to drive to Brian Head, UT for low stress, high quality family ski trips. Now his kids are grown up and prefer the big action at Mammoth. I think road time to both is similar.
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It all depends on your financial situation. There is very few true ski in/out lodging (if you are into that) at Mammoth, and it's very pricey. However, the money you save driving a family vs flying a family may even that out. However, Mammoth will be extremely crowded at times you can normally take your kids for more than a weekend, especially if they have to stay on the lower mountain. If everyone can handle black/ double black diamond terrain, there are a few chairs that never get huge lines.
However, check out June Mtn. No ski in/out, but relatively inexpensive lodging, a really fun mtn (unless you are hardcore), and very few crowds, even on holidays.
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