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Functional or Dysfunctional?

Just because a particular piece of equipment is called "functional," does not guarantee you (or your client) a functional response in the body.

More often than not, dysfunction will be the result of many of the "gadgets" that are used in training. Tools such as the Bosu, dynadiscs, wobble boards, stability balls, etc., are great tools if used properly.

If someone's foot/ankle is siezed (limited dorsiflexion/pronation/supination)and now they stand on a Bosu with one one doesn't mean that they are now functional. If the body cannot get motion from a specific area, then it will get up from somewhere else in the chain...optimal or not!

We have used and continue to use the body as the main source of functional equipment. Manipulating the body with respect to gravity, momentum and ground reaction forces are the epitome of function as these forces are something that we all will have to deal with --some more than others.

All in all, tools are great and use the tool that the job demands. There is a ton of great equipment out there, just don't forget the goals, needs, wants and abilities of the individual who is to be using it. In many cases, less is most often more!

Train Hard and Ski Harder!
The SNOtrainers
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another functional workout program

For the past few month's I've been following the program at:
The program aims for good, all around fitness.

It's pretty much just a workout plan consisting of pullups, pushups and body-weight squats. There are optional plans that add in other exercises to spice things up a bit.

One thing I really like about it is the equipment is cheap. You really only need a $20 pullup bar. I also added in a pair of dynadiscs for the pushups and squats.

I also really like it because the workouts are short, 30 minutes tops. That makes them easy to fit into my busy days.
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yes that is a great program. It is where we start people new to 'Crossfit' to get them in good enough shape to begin our WOD'. Level 8 day one is one of Crossfit's classic WOD's. My best is 22 rounds,although we did this last week and I was only able to muster 16 rounds.
Anyhow ,Simplefit is great stuff,good luck with it!
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Roller blades

One of the more effective training tools I've found in the off season is roller blading. Also plyometrics are good.
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there's an off season?
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Originally Posted by gwmccull View Post
For the past few month's I've been following the program at:
The program aims for good, all around fitness.
Shoot, that should be:

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