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FIS Masters Cup Equipment Requirements

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Hi all,

The FIS Masters Cup is starting today in Vail. Sad to say I can not make it.

In gearing up for an active Masters racing schedule next year I need to know whether I must conform to FIS rules regarding mininum ski length for SL, mininum turn radius in GS, and air permability in a DH racing suit which I intend to use for all disciplines. I am sure that the official position of race organizers is to require comformity, but are these rules actually inforced at the Masters National and FIS level?

I have not previously attended a FIS race. Next year I expect to qualify and attend the Masters FIS championships as well as USSA Masters Nationals and PNSA Regional Championships. I am not aware if there is an International Masters Championship race held overseas or whether that is the FIS Masters Cup race listed in the PNSA competition guide.

Would any other more "experienced" Masters racers please post their guidance on these questions? Also, how do you get DH and Super-G training and race experience since such training opportunities are so limited for Masters competitors in the NW and yet Masters championships do include all 4 events.

See you at Nationals next year.

Go Fast,
the Crimson Dynamo
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According to Master Rules of the FIS, it indicates all rules of the ICR will apply.

Radius requirements and suits are part of the rules at the FIS level. Enforcement is absolute at the Nor-Am/Europa Cup level and above.

Contact USSA Masters and get their definitive response.
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Ski Racing magazine had an article and a post regarding the sidecut and length. They indicated that USSA would not be enforcing any of the FIS minimums and sidecut changes.
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Don't forget stand hight. Max is 55mm for men. I wouldn't play around and try to cut corners. It could come back and bite you when you least expect it. I've seen it happen.

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Thank you for responding.

The word is official. For next year the USSA will not enforce any minimum length or minimum turn radius requirements, including at the Masters level.

However, the FIS Masters Cup race will require conformity to the new FIS rules. Minimum lengths are:
165 SL
185 GS
205 SG
215 DH,

21 meter mininum turn radius for GS
33 meter mininum turn radius for SG
45 meter mininum turn radius for DH
no mininum turn radius for SL

I want to compete at the FIS Masters Cup race so I will buy new skis next year to conform with the FIS requirements. The problem is that the 21 meter turn radius requirement for GS will place me at a disadvantage compared to other Masters racers in the regular USSA races, using tighter turning GS skis.

I am waiting to see what skis are re-designed for next year that come in exactly at the mininum FIS required lengths and radius. I expect that a 165 cm slalom ski may appear with very tight turn radius.

One way to achieve a tighter turn radius than 21 M is the use of a ski with a softer lateral flex, creating a tighter effective arc on the snow, as the ski is flexed.

The task then is to find a ski with high torsional rigidity coupled with some softened lateral flex.

Another desirable trait is inherent high-frequency, low amplitude resonant vibration frequency which helps to achieve acceleration, due to mechanical energy being imparted to the snow, creating the gliding water droplets.

You can detect this resonant frequency by putting your ear to the ski and tapping it. A high note relative to other skis will yield better acceleration. This is less of a factor at the World Cup races on ice, but can yield an advantage on cold-snow covered courses. On the WC a more dead ski may be prefered.

Any Suggestions?
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