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Rave- What a cool Forum and question about boots

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It is always exciting finding a new interesting forum. Skiing is my all time favorite activity, but unfortunately I don't get to do it enough. I have read some of your various posts on ski technique and especially the thoughts on stiff vs flexible boots. Very interesting stuff.

I am definately not one of those with the newest greatest gear. In fact me equipment is very old, but I get by. I also do not get to do too much "real" skiing since I spend most of the time with my young kids on the hill. Anyway, enough about me, I did want to ask a specific question about the angle of attach on my boots.

Years ago I skied with Hanson boots. Remeber those? They were on of the first rear entry boots. Then one day I went to put them on and the rubber had disintegrated. The next boot was the Solomon SX 91E. Those were the red ones. These boots work great for me. I like to ski very steep runs and these rigid boots with a very upright angle allowed me to put a lot of force on the front of my skis. A while ago I succombed to the peer pressure of everyone saying those rear entry boots are crap, and bought some Rosignol Course boots. At first I could hardly ski on them. In order to get any force on the front of my skis I nearly had to fall over forward. The seem pretty rigid, but the forward cant (is that the right term) is way too dramatic. Can I shim my binding under the toe? Or is my ski technique just all screwed up by me years of skiing on rear entry boots? It seems that there is a great variety in the forward lean angle of various boots. In fact it seems that race boots have the most upright stance.

Can you guys help me out? Is it the boot? Or is it me?
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It is possible to adjust the forward lean component of the boot. There are a variety of methods for doing it, but I wouldn't recommend doing any of them yourself. You need to have a skilled bootfitter take a look at your feet, ankles and general physical makeup to determine the proper boot setup for you.

There have been any number of threads in the instructional forum here on Epic regarding the effects of mis-balanced boots. I can't find the thread I'm thinking of right now, but there is loads of information regarding proper boot setup here.
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I think the problem here is much simpler than unbalanced boots- the race boots are just too much boot for you. Your inability to flex a stiff boot after years of being in rear entries is throwing you into the backseat, causing your tips to wander and tails to wash out. A softer, more upright boot will allow you to pressure the tips much more effectively. Go to a good bootfitter and be honest with him about your skill level and where you do most of your skiing.
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Ah boot balance. That is the term I am looking for.

As far as skiing in the back seat. I definately do not do that. It is not a problem of the boots being too stiff. They are too soft or the forward lean angle is too great. In order to get enough pressure on my skis I am nearly falling over the front of my skis.
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What skis are you skiing on?
This technique of trying to pressure the front so substantially isn't for the modern skis. You might be skiing newer skis in a less efficient manner OR the new boots aren't compatible with the style you use for your older skis.
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