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Confused...Help me choose a ski!

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I will be working up in Beavercreek this winter ski intructing little kids. I should have a fair amount of time to freeride as well. I love skiing powder, and currently ski on 3yr/old pocket rockets. They are pretty dead by now, so I am looking to replace them with something similar, but that will work a little better on the hard stuff. I've narrowed it down to a number of skis, please list some advatages and disadvatages of each if you can.

Skier Typer: Aggressive/Advanced (21y/o, 6feet, 185lbs)
Days: 30+
30% : Park
70%: all mountain...with a focus on the backside

Skis that I am interested in (from most to least):

1. Armada ARV 175cm: These are also super soft, but I have heard really great things from everyone who skis them. They also have sold out of almost every ski store and Armada is all out of them.

2. Scratch BC's 178cm: They have reduced the weight substantially this year on these skis, so the slowness of them may be gone? I am scared that they may be too wide for an everyday quiver.

3. Head Mojo 90's: Haven't heard anything negative about these skis, although I am a little worried that the waist (90mm) may be too small.

4. Volkyl Mantras: Seems like a stiff ski, might be too stiff coming from the pocket rocket considering I enjoyed that aspect of it. Also seems like it is not really park oriented whatsoever.

5. Nordica Supercharger 179cm: Heard great things about them from the guys at the local store.

Any comments and additional considerations are highly appreciated. I have my panties in a bunch about what I am going to do.
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Eliminate the Mantra, It has no application in the park. Don't worry that 90mm is too narrow and 98mm is too wide. Ski personality cannot be measured with a caliper.

The Armada ARV is soft, but it is a sidewall construction and is stronger than you might think. There is a reason that it is popular. Another ski that I can very highly recommend is the Dynastar Big Trouble. I have sold two of them to guys coming off of PR's that wanted more ski without it being overpowering. The BT was a home run winner for both of them and it has a more solid build than the Scratch BC while still being lighter.

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Second on the Big Trouble. 92mm waist and medium flex provide good float in the soft while giving solid performance on the groomed.
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