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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post
188 PM gear Bro softs
183 or 190cm Volkl gotamas
183 or 193cm Atomic Sugar Daddies
190 Atomic Big Daddies(maybe a new ski for me this year?)
189 K2 Seth Vicious

I would look into softish long and not to fat basically it really up what you want and what price you an get past that.

for freeride skis IMO size should be determined by speed and ability not size, weight, or sex
I don't think they make the Sugar in a 193. I think they are the PIMP!
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Most of the guides were boarders, although the skiers were mostly on 80mm-90mm waisted skis, stiff and fairly straight. They certainly weren't on paddles. A lot of customers were on mid-fats and did quite well. The only time fatter skis were an advantage was on traverses, where they made for a little more speed. I was on Jerry Launchers in about a 180cm length, and they were decent for the terrain. I would have preferred a stiffer ski (used to race skis), but that's just me.

Where are you going, and with which company?
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Lots of advice kind of all over the map here.

My wife and I skied the Chugach last March at Alaskan Rendezvous Heli Guides. The skiing was spectacular, some of it was waist-deep, some of it was breakable crust, some of it was wind-buffed. The skiing was incredibly good and some of it was quite deep.

My wife took her regular Jackson Hole powder skis, the K2 Axis AK, and never felt even the slightest need for anything else. The AK is 118-88-110.

If you plan to ski 3,000 vertical foot, 50-degree faces in ten turns at 60mph, then you'll want a huge, wide ski. If you fall more in the "human" ranks, a ski in the low 180's with a waist of around 90mm will serve you just fine.

Find out which operation you'll be skiing and get them on the phone. They'll be able to tell you what you'll need and whether they have loaner or demo skis that would work for you.

Unless you have money to burn, I wouldn't suggest BUYING a pair of skis just for what you'll find in Alaska.

But by all means...

have a fantastic time up there. I'm jealous.

In case you never saw it, here's a link to one of the reports I posted:

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BW & CS,
My first thought when reading BW's post was the same as CS's reply. I'm thinking "Those skis are too long, BW is a 22 year old straightlining cliff hucker." Then I read his response, & he has some good points softer=longer!
Then I linked to BP's post of his trip!! That picture of your wife, WOW, that is some deep snow. I would defenitly want something long & wide for that. I was in the mind set that the snow would be more of the plaster & wind blown variety. I think you got lucky Bob!!!
Anyway, I want to be prepared for anything. Luckily I have access to demo alot of different skis, except some of the more obscure companies that have been mentioned. I also think that I will find out what skis the company has to offer as rentals. I only want to bring one pair.
Like you Bob, this trip is not costing me much & I am in the market for another pair of skis. I’m just trying to figure out if I’m adding to my quiver, replacing the B3’s or both… What a dilemma haha.
Alaska Mike, I don’t really have many of the trip details yet. I am a guest, and don’t know the name of the company we are skiing with, only that we are going at the end of March.
Every one here has had some great input & I appreciate it immensely…
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Hey just new to the forum, but been a guide for heliskiing for a while in a lot of places. Just for rentals, Canadian Heliskiing co all have skis to use free of charge if you are there for more than just 1 day or so. Heli Daddy, Sugar Daddy, Coomba, Side Stash (new), Kaestle MX 108 are just some of the favorites. Most co. have a wider selection these days compared to previous years, so if your going just ask and if you got a specific size you want, put it on reserve if your going to a smaller op, since they might only have a limited supply of the "good" and new skis. Using company skis makes life easier since most airplanes only take 1 piece of luggage instead of the old 2 piece.

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