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SUV op-ed piece

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Entertaining.... Now let's break out our riding crops and see if we can get one more whinny out of this deceased mare....ESPN SUV Piece

A real Sports Utility Vehicle doesn't have a six-disc CD player with a Bose speaker system and a DVD player in the backset; it has a simple AM radio set to the local all-sports station, as well as the flagship station of every team within 200 miles
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S.U.V. Stupid Useless Vehicle
I'm working on a 78 Toyota Land Cruiser(Japanese copy of an old Chevy "Stovebolt" 6 cyl) right now. If they were all like that they wouldn't be so popular.
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All criticisms aside, I sure as hell miss my chevy blazer when Im driving around up to the chassis in white stuff in my rear wheel drive, No ABS or traction control, carbuerated 1984 buick lesabre.
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Get some Hakkipalitta snow tires and a couple bags of salt in the trunk.
There's a temp sensor update(years ago) that helps the drivability on that electronic carb. They can be pretty "cold blooded".

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I had a '72 Toyota Land Cruiser with the "stovebolt 6" and you're absolutely right...if all SUV's were like that not many would sell. Noisy, jerky, slow, and would rattle your teeth. But I decided that my 'Yota just didn't like pavement, and much preferred soft, slippery surfaces like snow and mud where it was much happier and you don't want to go fast anyway. Beware the high center of gravity, though, that steel removable hardtop weighs a lot. One day mine did a wicked inverted 720 with a switch landing (on its roof)

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Okay, I'll quote Ted Nugent:

"I'm a bad american. That about sums it up for me. I like big trucks, big boats, big houses and naturally, pretty women."

Well, . . . I'm not THAT bad (as most of Ted's personality flaws), but . . . I LOVE my beast of an '87 suburban. It's jacked 4", has 38" road rippers and I've yanked the sorely underpowered 350 and shoved a caddy 500 under the hood. Full bull bar on front w/ 8000lb Warn wench, warn hubs, dual coil overs, etc. etc. etc. I probably get about 6 - 8 but I don't even care to check. Thing is I don't drive it unless the snow hasn't been plowed and it's a foot deep. It's a REAL suv. Sport, because I love to have fun "stump-jumpin'" and "rock-crawlin'". Utility because it's one heck of a tool. The vehicle part is pretty self explanitory.

Don't hate me because my SUV is beautiful. Hate me because of the 911 and 944T!! Hate me for the 32' Bayliner with the 340 v8. Hate me because my wife has given me 5 beautiful children and she's still a size 4/5 and still looks 25 (When my 17 y/o son and wife are together they're constantly being asked if they're a couple!!). But don't hate me because of my georgeous peice of indulgent, humongous american heavy metal!! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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Slatz and NewHampie:

This fall, my 89 Toyota 4X was found to have a few problems and was given to a friend in need. I shopped for an old Land Cruiser or military Rover. I was going to do a restoration and keep it till it or I died. My mechanic stopped me in my tracks when he heard that I would be doing an hour and a half commute to the hill three times a week. IF I could find one with overdrive I could cruise at maybe 58 mph and I could plan on an extra twenty minutes on the road both ways. He would do the work but (he had one) was warning me against it, the noise and pounding etc.

When my neighbor put up her 95 Exploder, pampered, with all service records for a real cheap price, I grabbed it. Her dad works for Ford.

The ugly thing did a much better job a hauling the kids and wife up to VT, than did my Volvo XC, had lots of room for all those bags and coolers. I like the XC much more but ...... I only have to drive a bit slower in the nasties (higher CG) and the economy isn't that much different.

When I retire right down the road from the hill, the LWB oldie will take it's place though, along with a 62 Vette .. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] and I'll NEVER own another new car!
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I'm right there with you on the new car thing. What a complete waste!! I've owned one new car, a '92 SSEi. I won't say that it wasn't a nice car, because it was. It was just the gosh darn payments. Fortunatly I know how to work on almost anything mechanical from the Briggs & Strat on up to a GE CF34. Therefore the logical choice is to find a nice used car that I can pay cash for.

BTW, good luck in finding your '62. Hope you find one mint!!
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OK ski, I hate you.
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Okay, I'll come clean here. The 911 and 944t (although in GREAT condition) were acquired for less that 10k . . . that was for both!! (most Porschephiles hate me for that one). The Bayliner was a restoration project (completed) that was given to me because a friend in the Army was being relocated in Europe and the wife thing . . . well, I just got lucky . . . (and still do!!!!) [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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ski: I think Nakona was talking about the wife part? [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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My Forester almost always has WFAN on. Is that okay???

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