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Fox fires Steve Lyons

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that crack he made about highway star's "backseat driving" must've been the final straw.
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I was watching the game when he goofed on the fan at Shea Stadium with the odd looking goggles.

Two years ago, he apparently made some ill-received Jewish jokes about the Mets player, Green.
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this time he had a little fun with "habla." comprende?
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FOX should be ashamed for doing this....I was actually watching the game the day he had the 'wallet' jesting with Lou P. There was nothing wrong with what he did. FOX said it was because of that incident...very suspect...Maybe over an accumulation of behavioral vagrancies...but they did not come clean in saying that..What a joke...he was the best color man they had-IMO.
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People need to loosen their panties about this... some of the things announcers are being fired over are complete jokes. This is probably the biggest example.
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Q. When is a joke a smokescreen?
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No shots fired at Democrats!.....?

Maybe because he failed to fire off any ultra-spin-Conservative lines at Liberals/Democrats....!
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ESPN needs to follow suit and fire Michael Irvin already. Anyone read the transcript with the Romo comments? Atrocious.
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