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Some buddies of mine and I are heading to zermatt this december and were looking for good places to stay/rent skis and boards, anyone got suggestions?
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Best place to ask is on www.snowHeads.com - it's almost like a European equivalent of here.
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to stay, Coeur des Alpes is awesome... I used a rental shop called Julen Sport (on Hofmattstrasse just next to Vernissage, a great place to catch a movie or drinks or both at the same time). Julen Sport were very friendly, took reservations for our equipment, had everything waiting for us when we got there and delivered everything to our hotel free of charge...
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you can book lodging directly here. and there is plenty of info about
rental shops. you can call them or email them too. i suggest you browse this website above before posting specific questions. they have lodging maps too.
we stayed at the metropol. great place . great location.
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The best place in Zermatt for good value beers and pizza is undoubtedly the classic "ski bums' hangout", the North Wall Bar. Take time to check out the location on the website because it's not the easiest place to find: http://www.northwallbar.com/
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We stayed in the City hotel last december. Inexpensive small family un hotel in the centre of Zermatt. Ski shop just down the road for your ski's. Would recommend both. Have fun. Great resort.
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Hotel Gornegrat, near the train station, is about as cheap as you will find among the regualr hotels.
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