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A couple of seasons ago I was skiing a local area with my ski club over New Years, and I talked the mountain into floating me some comp tickets with a letter from my school. I had done this several times over the years, but this was a new director I was dealing with.

So, day 2 he comes to me and asks if I'd like to earn my comp. I said "doing what"? He asked me to take out some Level 2 exam candidates and give them a clinic (he knew I had my silver pin). I thought this to be quite flattering and went out and had some fun.

Day 3 New Years Day...... he had no instructors show early, they were evidently hung over and not coming in till noon. He had students and was panicked. Found me and asked me to take one of the classes.... a bit shocked, I agreed but only if he'd let me take out the 2 guys I knew in my club who were intermediates. I showed up at the ski school meeting sign, looked at my friends, and said "Hi I'm your instructor for the next 1 1/2 hrs". They were a little shocked, but we skied for the lesson time, and my buddies had a really good time. They said I was better than their instructors the previous 2 days from the mountain.

Beware.... sometimes those comps aren't free. :