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Looking to get into some twin tips

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Hi, ive been sking for around 3 years now and I would like to get off my cheap carving skis and take it up to the next level. I am at the point were I can handle most of the runs around my area, (rocky mountains, canada) My buddies are just now starting to get into the park scene. I dont no much about purchasing skis and it seems all the retaliers around here just want my money. I want to keep out on the mountain, I love the backcountry but would also like somthing that stands up good in the park.

So I want to get in a pair of decent twin tips but is there anything special I should no about twin tips compared to just the normal carving skis i posess now. Also I should mention that I weigh around 140 and am 5'10

Any Help appreciated,
Thanks in advance
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Hi Bryan.
Some of the best twin tips around at the minute are K2 Public Enemies, Scott P3, Line Assassins... The list could go on for ages.
A rule of thumb for twins is to go longer than your ordinary skis - so if you are on 170s, you might go for 175 twins, because the upturned tail means there is a shorter length of ski on the snow most of the time.

If you wait until a lot of the others on here drag themselves out of bed, you'll get more info.
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Awsome, thanks for the advice I will be taking a look at these
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The Volkl Karma is widely regarded as one of the best all-mountain twins. As is the Head Mojo 90.
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Karmas are good - right up there with Public Enemies, in my book, but I think the PE is probably better in the park.
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one thing you might want to consider is that a majority of the twin tips out there have mounting points that are center of the ski. this means you'll be placed in the middle of the ski with equi-lenght fore and aft of your boot. this can be a bit strange if you've been skiing more traditional carving skis up to now.

Also, some twin tips can be a bit softer than carving skis. i own a pair of Karmas, which i do not consider traditional twin tips as they are mounted "normally" and ski more like a mid-fat carver. They are fairly stiff in comparison to some of the other twins I have skied (Line, Armada).

I also own a pair of Armadas, which i would consider a true twin tip. They are much softer and are meant to be mounted on the center line. I actually have grown to dislike them after riding them for a few days last season as they felt a tad squirrely and soft for my taste.

i would suggest that you try and demo some twins before you jump in and buy some as they're all vastly different.

Some twins to consider:
Head Mojo series
Salomon 1080s
Rossi Scratch
Ninth Ward

It also depends a lot on what you wish to do with the twins. Are you looking for a park specific ski? If so, I wouldn't go the Karma route (that ski has always been kind of marketed as the twin tip for people who don't want twins)

WTFH: they haven't made the Line Assassin for a few seasons. It's my interpretation that the Prophet is more or less what used to be the Assassin (which i think was one of the last of their skis made in Canada before they moved production to China).
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twin tips to buy

the karmas are not a traditional twin tip, however if you only want to ride park once and a wile they are a perfect ski
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