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Atomic Race 8

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I'm thinking of buying these skis. Can can anyone give any comments or reviews about these skis?

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They are junior skis, are you thinking of buying them for your kid? Later, RicB.
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Its for an adult lady.. 65kg, 5'6" tall and intermediate/advanced. Will these be too basic for general skiing?
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Actually I went on to the web site and they did have an adult race 8 listed. It is at the low end of atomic's race category, so I think it would be fine for her. My confusion stemed from the fact that this ski is not listed in my anywhere in my brochure tey send us, it is only listed in the tech manual, and I missed it there. I apologize for the mistake. Later, RicB.
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Did You buy them? 


I'm thinking of buying one myself, but not quite sure if they would fit my needs, which seem to be quite similar to those you described.



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