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Las Vegas

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Well, I started my new job today.. I am being sent to Las Vegas for a conference/training (bummer I know) on November 19-21. I'll take a couple days off after that while I'm there. Anyone happen to know where is the closest skiing and and what the opening dates are?


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Isn't that where the 13year old was swept off the chairlift by an avalanche on January 10, 2005?
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There's the local Las Vegas ski area, but it's unlikely that they'll be open unless there's a big early season dump. Then there's Brian head, which is about 3 hours north. I don't really know if they'll be open that early either. Your best bet is Mammoth, which is about 5 hours away, and they will be open.
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Mammoth is a long but interesting drive from LV. I have made the drive a few times and enjoyed the drive through Death Valley, the Bristlecone Forest, seeing Mt Whitney and other places along the way. Mammoth is worth the drive, I wish I lived only five hours away.
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Brian Head's tentative opening date is November 17th. It is exactly 3 hours north on Interstate 15. The local area will not be open and yes, it is where a 13 year old was knock off a charilift by a "freak" avalanche.
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We made the drive from Vegas to Mammoth last year and it was a very interesting drive of about 5 1/2 hours. We drove North from Vegas on 95 and headed West on 266/198 over to Big Pine, CA. If you have time, check out the Ancient Bristlecone Pine forest. They are some of the oldest trees on the planet (some up to several thousand years old if you can believe it). If you drive this route, MAKE SURE YOU FILL UP WITH GAS in Beatty or you will be pretty dry by the time you reach Big Pine. There are no other gas stations between Beatty and Big Pine. I may be mistaken, but I don't think Scotty's Junction has a gas station.
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