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Dakine HeliSki Pack

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OK, so this pack seems like it's going to be great, for my days out on Vail, and Beaver Creek. One Problem. What do you do with all the dangly straps hanging off, after it's adjusted properly?
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Just let em hang...Haven't you seen all the cool guys in the videos w/the straps dangling in the wind...Uber cool!

On a serious note. I have had my straps get caught up in a chairlift.

I've seen the Dakine pack and it looks pretty cool. I use a Marmot Eiger 36 and an older TNF pack. If I were getting another pack (my Marmot is actually new this season. Haven't even broke it in yet.) I'd probably get a Marmot Le Meije/Doug Coombs pack.
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All of those straps have a purpose, so hold onto them. I keep mine inside the main compartment. My pack is about 5 years old, and I wouldn't ski w/o it. The small strap with velcro is for yer hydro tube to yer shoulder strap. (I do not know which year you have, Dakine is always improving.) The new ones you can snake the tube down inside one of the shoulder straps. Most all the other straps are for sinchin yer board or skis for hikin to the kind. All the attached ones are for tightening up yer load. I tuck mine into the velcro ski holders on the sides. Have fun. Enjoy the pack.
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I trimmed mine and sewed them up like the factory. Those straps are just too rediculously long, especially the shoulder straps.
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Originally Posted by Horio View Post
I trimmed mine and sewed them up like the factory. Those straps are just too rediculously long, especially the shoulder straps.
That's what I am talking about, someone who understands!
Mine is this years. Now, I am no seamstress, so maybe I should find one.
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just rubber band them together really tightly. That way, they stay out of your way, but they are still there if you need them.
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I have the DaKine Pro II. There are fewer straps hanging like the Vertex. Once you have them where you want, you can trim them, then melt the ends rather than sewing. Just use a soldering iron or similar heat source to melt the end. Works perfectly, and keeps the strap from going through the adjuster. The straps are so long, you have a lot of practice material.
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Im going to look around. Rubber bands being weathered will definitely dry out. Maybe I can find some velcro straps small enough, and similar color. I'll find something. But, I don't think I want to cut. I just don't like the straps dangling all over the place. I can see it now, skiing off the chairlift, and suddenly getting jerked over to the side, and suddenly coming to a swinging hault. Followed by cheering, laughing, and people hitting me with their poles in hopes that wonderful riches will come exploding off and out of me, like a pinata!
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As someone who has ridden the bull wheel a couple of times wearing my heli pack, it only happens when the buckles are undone. They are the culprits. Keep your buckles together, most importantly the waist bunckle, and you won't have anything to worry about from my own personal expereince. They are great packs for the money. My newer one has places to tuck the unused ski carry straps inside. Later, RicB.
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I often ride the lift with a pack containing shovel, probe, skins, water and some oddes and ends. You can't sit with that much between you and the chair. I find, I can unbuckle the chest strap, leaving the waist strap hooked and one arm through the sholder straps, then swing the pack to the side or front as I get on the chair. Rubberbands on the straps do keep them contained if you aren't into trimming.
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