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Tell Me About Powder Mtn.

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Does anyone here have hands on experience at Powder Mountain, Utah?? Wide open bowl skiing?? Chutes?? Cruisers?? What about the commute from Kimball Junction?? Much like getting to Snowbasin?? Now, I see on the web site that they offer 1 Helicopter lift to the top of the mountain with 3,000' vertical and aan all day lift ticket for $150.00. Anyone here done this?? If so, how was the value?? Sounds interesting, though we probably would not do it. Maybe??
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Powder Mountain (if I hear anyone call it Pow Mow anymore I'm going to hurl) is one of the most unique places you will ever ski. It has huge open faces, some brief chute like steeps and tons of cruising. Best of all is the sidecountry that is a true BC experience unique to Powder Mountain. No one goes there, so you can ski untracked for days after a storm. Add in a unique blend of uphill liftage (FG, HSQ, pomas, snowcat, bus & now Helicopter) and you get a truely different experience. Oh yeah, the snow is pretty good too

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I loved Powder Mountain. We were there on a still, sunny cold day, a few days after a snowfall. It was a long drive - if you were to be skiing Snowbasin and Powder Mountain, I'd stay in Eden or even Ogden. Eden was nice though.

I didn't know about the helicopter, but we got 1 ticket for the Cat. Best of all though, we got a bloke from ski school to be our guide. Oh Boy! He took us straight up to the Cat, and to the top behind that, and then showed us the most amazing stuff out wide. We didn't come back into the resort for quite some time. We'd have never found this stuff on our own, or ventured out that way. It was all pristine, untouched, deep and awesome. He was an older guy who's been there for years, and he knew it all, every rock, every dip.

We found another wonderful area around the opposite side, paradise or something, again totally untouched, and it was so pretty.

For me, it was about deserted open powder skiing, exploring, and huge acerage, rather than steeps/gnarly etc. And mega-friendly people. I'd very much recommend hiring a guide from ski school. Do not miss Powder Mountain! (or snowbasin).
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Ant, if I may......How much did you pay for the ski school guide??
Sounds like a blast.
We are looking for terrain that provides a rush, yes, however, we want terrain that is rolling and groomed and powder and steep but we do not want gnarly all day long. A couple or 3 gnarly runs per day will certainly be enough. We are both in our 40's so gnarly all day long is out!!
Everyone, thanks for the replies!!
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Man Sugaree, you sure do ask a lot of quistions. That's OK though, like they say, How're ya gonna learn?...

I skied there once and will definately go back the next time I ski Utah. Powder Mountain is just different. Fun, funky, not extremly steep, steep enough. Some great short hikes. Getting towed up lightning Ridge, hiking up a saddle and skiing down to the access road where you get picked up by the school bus, are just some of the high points of my day there in 02.

Oh, just don't tell 'em that you know me.
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Crank.....Just trying to make the most out of my first "out west ski trip."
I'm glad you approve.....wouldn't want tom make you ........ Cranky.
Sounds like you had an adventure at Powder Mtn. Did you get lost there or was it all planned?? (Damn, another question!)
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how long of a drive is it to Powder mountain from downtown SLC. the website says it is 55 miles. so I am guessing 1 hr. how are the roads in that area.
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It's more like 1:20 from SLC and about the same from PC.
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powder mountain is "quirky", like one of those oddball tv shows, including the relic guy who drives the ski bus and shows you(I guess everyone) a dumb picture of some guy with a big dick. ha ha.

we skied there last year during last week of Feb, it hadn't snowed for a few days and it was sunny out and the conditions were not good. much of the mountain does not have a steep slope and faces the wrong way, much of the bus accessible stuff was baked death cookie or slop crud.(depending on orientation). I personally would not say that Powder Mtn is a priority on your first trip out west, unless you have had a good dump no more than 2 days prior, then it could definitely be worthwhile. it is a nice trip, but the terrain doesn't really compare to SLC resorts, the lifts are TERRIBLY slow and long, cause mtn doesn't have steep pitch. If you haven't skied much powder then a heli trip etc is a waste, save the dough to come out next year. realize $300 is 1/3 of what i spend on my 4 day very satisfying trips. this year we skied crappy marginal conditions all day while the boys were yucking it up in LCC. (that was after a 90 minute drive). check out BCC instead.
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Sugaree, I was the youngest in our group (of ladies), and I'm in my 40s. We skiied our backsides off. I'm ashamed to say, all we paid for anything was to buy lunch for our friend from ski school, and his boss! They comped us, which just made the day nicer, for the sentiment. but it's a very cheap hill, nothing costs. The bloke's name was Dave, he was older, a big guy, who'd just passed his level 2. He knew the area like the back of his hand, a local. Without him, we'd have been following tracks and would never have seen a fraction of the biggest ski resort in the US.

I don't remember anything there being gnarly, it was just acres and acres of really nice skiing. Can't recommend it highly enough. If I had the money, I'd open a club med style operation there, it would be perfect.
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Thanks for your input...Ant. Sounds like you had a great time.
We have 5 days to ski and we are staying near Park City. We surely are skiing Snowbasin one day, so it is unlikely we will go back again to ski Powder Mountain.
Alta, Snowbird, Solitude and Snowbasin is on the list. A 5th day of choice.
Thanks to eveyone that has replied. Great forum we've got here!!
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