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Welcome aboard! I'm pretty new here too. It's the best sport...period! Great group of people here too!!
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 Welcome, HolaSnow!  (and all you others!)

I'm delighted that you're going to make it to Stowe.  It's such a cool place, and the ESA is really fun!  And useful.
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Another newbie here! Been trolling for a while and hope to become a sponsor soon. Yes I am another shop owner slumming gear and living the dream! I also do some internet consulting for a 4-mtn resort here in Colorado. I guess I can't help it. I got addicted to this crazy business growing up racing on Donner Summit as a kid and can't seem to escape. As far as I am concerned it's the best sport on the planet and always will be!
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 Hey man! I'm new too and Im really looking forward to learning a lot more.
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Oh, I didn't see this thread so my intro is elsewhere in the General Discussion area. Tried linking to the thread but ti didn't work.
Anywho. I'm a noob to the forum. I hope to share my experiences and knowledge and pick some up on the way.
Bonjour tout le monde!
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Hi ya new folks.  Newbees are what we all are at many times in our lives so being new is something we all can relate to .
Welcome and don't be shy . We love new friends.

Where ya from TH3 ?
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 I live in Ohio but every winter I go to Colorado and ski. All we have here is a hill they call a ski resort haha
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Welcome to Epic! Lots of Ohio skiers here.  Mostly Ex-Ohio skiers. We ski very well inspite of our modest roots. 
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Another skier from Ohio here....Started lurking last season and anxiously await the whtie stuff.
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Hey... I'm Jay from western NY state (Rochester/Buffalo).  My home mountains are Swain (since I was 4), Bristol Mountain, Kissing Bridge, and Holiday Valley (among others).  I have skied all over Vermont and into New Hampshire, and also some Adirondack resorts, and have been out to Utah once (but need to go more because lodging with my uncle in Salt Lake would be free).

I would ski more but school (and now grad school) for engineering have kept me from making more trips.

Also, my favorite ski resort of all time (so far... of the 25 I have been to) is Sugarbush in VT.
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Welcome All (Except Newfydog who is defintely not a newbie skier).  EpicSky best Vicarious ski experience around.
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Hi everyone.  I'm Charlotte and I live in Wiltshire, England, though I'm currently working in Gunnison, Colorado.
I'm a total ski newbie (have only been twice), but am already thoroughly hooked; what an amazing buzz!
Anyway, I just wanted to say hi, and also a huge thank you to everyone for their dedication in providing such a lot of information that has already proved invaluable to me (especially the boot fitting threads). Thanks all.
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Welcome to Epic and the States GreyGirl.  You picked a fine local in Gunnison, your not in Wiltshire anymore that's for sure.  Lots of very unenglish stuff to do there.

Hope you have a great winter there at CBMR. 
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I'm also a new member - I picked up lots of advice on this forum during the close season, and figured it was high time I got signed up and started posting. 

I'm an avid skier originally from the UK, which severely limited my time on snow (distance and cash). Now I'm lucky enough to live in Vancouver, BC, giving me easy access to Whistler - which is having an absolutely epic start to the season this year. 17 feet of snow and it's not even December yet! I'm a fairly solid advanced skier, so not up to the same sort of standards as many of the experts on this board. Improving all the time, though, and having a lot of fun doing it.

Great to be among a crowd of like-minded fanatic skiers. :)
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 Wow, its been a while since I've checked in here and I see I have missed a few Michigan bears!

Welcome one and all!!
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I realized i hadn't posted in here when I joined.
I live in PA
I ski a few times a year (Mostly in NH)
Other than that not a whole lot to know about me
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Hi, I'm Halie. I've been skiing since I was five, and I'm hooked! I currently live and ski in California, but I've also skied Vermont, New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut. I go a few times per year, but I'm hoping to make skiing a bigger part of my life this year and in the future. Great to meet you all!
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Welcome Halie, I hope you enjoy the site!  It would be great to hear about your adventures this season
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 Hey Bumpfreaq, we got a dusting last night again. 
I'm not talking about Mr TC wiping of the top of the TV. 
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Welcome to all the new forum reader/writers.  This is a great place to get to know other skiers and to "meet on the hill"
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long time lurker, first time poster

Hi!!  My name is Steve. I did not see a place to put user introductions so I guess here is good! I am in my upper 30's, and have been skiing since around age 10.
In my teens, I skied a variety of resorts, including Alta, Snowbird, Squaw, and Mammoth.
At Squaw and Mammoth I liked skiing Olympic Lady, Kt22 (frontside as well as backside chute) and granite chief (now wish I had skied broken arrow) and at Mammoth skied 22 (front bump runs as well as avalanche chute) and 23 (climax, paranoid).

A couple of years ago I was living in Dunsmuir and skiing Mount Shasta, and my minister who worked at Mount Shasta saw me skiing and told me they were hiring ski instructors, but since I wasnt the type that hucked myself off of cliffs <like in the movies where they jump a hundred feet off of palisades at squaw> didn't think I was qualified.  The minister of my church talked me into applying, unfortunately due to the conditions they halted hiring, but told me they hired mere intermediates to be instructors

That same year I started skiing Mount Ashland, where I fell in love with the bowl (chute 2 and 3).  I moved to ashland where unfortunately I had a very severe and almost life ending accident.  While last season I was skiing chute 3 very confidently (between 35-40 percent steepness)  By the next ski season I was very out of shape, but still very eager to be a ski instructor.   Unfortunately Mount Ashland was very affected by the recession, and told me they had to lay off a good number of instructors.  I had wanted to take PSIA clinics so I could  become a instructor, but they told me the PSIA Clinics were only for staff.

Anyways I am very eager to be a instructer, and even tho I have had major health problems (had to have surgery on my brain summer of 09, had my head hurt till december, and put on a embarrasing amount of weight) I have been very hard working putting in my time skiing this season 3-4 days a week.  Even tho it is evident the local ski area is not able to accommodate my desire, as a sales rep in the outdoor industry I have experience giving beginners instruction and wish to continue so with skiing.
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 Hi Steve, Welcome to EpicSki!
It appears that the new member introduction thread was unstuck, so I restuck it and moved your post to it.
Hope you find your experience here Epic!
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 Welcome to all the new "Bears," and hello to the veterans as well! I hope everyone's been having an awesome season wherever, and however, you ski. It's hard to believe that yet another Northern Hemisphere season is nearing an end. It's a perfect blue-sky clear and warm day here in the mountains of Colorado. Have a great spring!

Best regards,
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Aloha Everyone!  I just found this site a few days ago and I'm psyched!  I mostly ski at Dodge Ridge in Pinecrest, CA.  :)

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Hi Everyone,

    My name is Kevin and I live in the Denver metro. I've gone skiing 11 times in my life with 7 of those being in the last 2 months and right now - I really love skiing!  The first three times out this year weren't great because of equipment issues, lack of conditioning, etc. but I still had fun and realized this is something I'll do long-term so I invested in some properly fitted boots, my own skis, and a lot of time reading posts on this site. The fourth time out,  I skied at Copper and it was, well, freaking spectacular! I mean, "I will always remember how good it was" spectacular. It was bright and sunny, uncrowded for a Saturday, and I was on the lift at 8:20. This was the first time I had skied on a practically untouched groomed run and this was the first day everything came together. This was the day that I was finally able to carve turns properly thanks to the tips I read in a thread about carving. It's amazing how simple advice like "use your line to control your speed not just your turns" and "relax and let the skis turn on their own" can make a huge difference. I've had a great time on every trip since then (all at Copper) and I'd swear the pitch of the mountain has flattened since the first time I went this year. Now I'm at the point where I'm totally comfortable on all of the blues there and I enjoy flying down them using short radius turns. Yet, I still love cruising down Highpoint (green) at a slow pace with a goofy grin on my face. I'm really starting to believe that someone as unathletic as myself could one day ski the whole mountain given enough time, practice, lessons, and good advice...


Skier Level - 6/9
Gaper Level - 3/9 
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Hi Kevin/TreeBurn--Welcome to EpicSki! It's exciting to hear your story of discovering the great sport of skiing--and perhaps discovering some things you hadn't known about yourself in the process. Congratulations--you're hooked!

Enjoy the rest of this first season. There will be some good skiing still up at The Basin and Loveland, after the major resorts shut down their lifts. But it may not last long, with the thin snowfall we've had this year.

I have to add a plug and a strong (if admittedly biased) recommendation for the early season EpicSki Academy at Arapahoe Basin in the fall. It's the ideal way to get your second season off to a great start, and to ensure that you continue to progress at a high rate. Of course, it's a great warmup for the EpicSki Academy main event in Aspen in January, too!

Best regards,
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 Hi all,

Just joined this site after reading it for a few months.  I caught the skiing bug last year when I started skiing and I've only been 8 days since last year (which living in the middle of NC is hard to get a lot of skiing in)  I can already do all the blues and easier blacks (needless to say southeastern blacks)...This is all thanks to my fiancee (wife in 2 weeks!) who is an excellent skier and kicks my butt all over the slopes.
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Welcome to EpicSki, treytheman, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding to "the perfect wife" --  
an excellent skier and kicks my butt all over the slopes

Many happy turns to you both!
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I found this place a while ago looking for equipment reviews and it hasn't disappointed there or on other fronts... so I joined.  Looking to support.

As for me, I am in the energy business (financial) and have my last birthday coming up in May. I took my "never, ever" first ski lesson Presidents' Day weekend of 2007 at Taos and consider it an eye-opening - so much fun! I take lessons and clinics routinely and am looking to further my skiing each weekend I go.  Love looking back up a steep I have just done, for example.

I have skied A-Basin, fair amount of Taos, Mt. Hood Meadows, and Sun Valley and am looking to broaden that significantly over the next several years.
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Not sure where to put this.. but here is as good as anywhere I guess!

Online putting out plugs for our ski racing club in England.


We are Ravens Ski Race club.  Being England we have to ski on plastic all year round, except for a couple of places who get enough snow in winter.

Just trying to get the word round about our club and skiing and boarding in the UK.
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