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Hello All I have been on the forums for a few days now. Just wanted to formally introduce myself and this looks like the place to do it.
I am from the Bayou State!!!! GO TIGERS!!!! Try to Ski at least twice a year.
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Hey my name is David and I have been a member here for a few weeks and I am moving out to Vail to work for Hoffmann and I am looking for some temp work to lead into the season. Any help would be awesome.
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Hey elkskier00 do I get a finder's fee for suggesting you contact Hoffman? Or should I get it from him?
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Hi, I'm Alison, and I'm a snowboarder. (AA members "hi alison")

Anyway, my picture is in the gallery here so you've seen me before, but I haven't posted here. I hope we all have a great season and Hi dad!

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Another pretty girl young enough to be my daughter. Hey ho. Welcome on board, Alison.

Inside every old man is a young man wondering what the hell happened.
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Yep, young enough to be my daughter too.
Say, that picture does look familiar.
Nice to see you here finally. Maybe you can find some members to hook up with at 7-Springs this year.
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I guess I should introduce myself seeing I'm up to 10 posts .
Lets see, been skiing all my life of 49 years, mostly backcountry in and around Alberta and BC. Ski SSV and LL when I'm not in the slack country.

I Ski about 4 days a week, Monday to Thursday so if your out and about lets do some lines.

See you out there.
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Nice gig PS, 4 days a week makes me remember the good old days when I lived close to skiing (or skiing only smaller). Welcome!
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I decided I'd better introduce myself...I've been a member for a few days, and I have made quite a few posts. I guess in the fall ski pros have nothing else to do, but sit at their computers! Anyways, its been great fun...its nice to find other people that are as passionate about skiing as I am.

I tried to find some photos...came up with these shots from the 2002 Olympics. I'll have my husband take some new ones!

I'm the one in white.

Squaw with Lake Tahoe behind.

My daughter Diane, Marco, and me.

Happy sliding...from Patty (aka olylady) at Squaw Valley
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Hello everyone! Just moved to SLC from NJ, after many years of skiing almost exclusively at Killington. Looking forward to the POWDER and meeting other Utahns...
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Originally Posted by Cirquerider View Post
Yep, young enough to be my daughter too.
Say, that picture does look familiar.
Nice to see you here finally. Maybe you can find some members to hook up with at 7-Springs this year.
And a snowboarder as well. Oh dear ...
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Hey all, I've been around for about a week now. Just saw this thread so I guess it's about time I introduce myself!

I'm 22 yrs old and have only been skiing maybe 4 times in my life. That's what happens when you live in Georgia... BUT, I graduated from UGA back in May and up until about the end of September was looking for a job in Marketing since that's what I have a degree in. Well, that didn't work out too well, probably because of two things: 1) Not the best job market right now, and 2) (probably more of a factor) I realized I didn't really want to get a "real" corporate type job just yet!

So I had the idea to apply for seasonal positions at ski resorts all over the country and was surprised by how many offers I got! Definitely not used to that from my previous experience. Anyway, I decided on a concierge position at Big Sky so that's what I'll be doing come Thanksgiving til April. I'm excited to get out of the South and see the rest of the country. And of course, to be able to ski every week! So far these forums are great, I've learned a lot from just reading around and making a few posts so far. Hope to learn a lot more! And as you can see, I tend to ramble a lot...

Here's just about the only picture of me on skis. This was from Snowshoe, WV last March on probably the easiest slope they have. Not the best picture, but I guess it'll do.
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Excellent decision Dan - well done. You have the rest of your life to grow up so don't rush it!
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I just found this thread as well (real hard, as it's at the top, I know), so I thought I'd introduce myself.

I've been skiing off an on throughout my 25 years, largely due to geographical constrictions (I lived in the "warm" parts of Asia when I was a teenage), and really got into skiing again for over the last few years. I woke up one morning this fall, and decided I wanted to try ski racing (just for fun... master's stuff, beer league, etc.), so that's kind of my thing now I guess.

I live in the Boston area so any VT/NH/ME resort is game for me (when you're going to drive at least 2.5 hours, what's the difference between 2.5 and 3.5, right??). So if you're ever up for some mid-week, last minute "hey boss I'm not coming in today because there's fresh now" runs during the week, let me know!

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I am new as well skied maybe 5 times in my 48 years, but the wife and I plan on at least one trip a year from now on. Live in Houston , we have booked Steamboat for first part of February , and cant wait. Last ski trip was Steamboat in 2006, staying at the same condos we liked them so much.This year our 22 and 19 year old daughters will join us, they have made 2 trips with us in years past.
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I'm new, Kinda. I had a log in last year that never got activated, then I bought a pair of ski's off muleski and had to have a long in quick so I made my girlfriend HB2ski an account. Got sick of posting under her name so I created my own account.

Living in michigan don't get to do to much off-piste skiing, actually perfer racing. Here is a couple pics from the last few year.

So HI!
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Hey all, I'm new to this too. Skiied since I was 2, am completely addicted to the sport. Favorite ski place is probably Steamboat, Colorado. Sweet skiing there, to all those who have never been. I'm on the Steamboat forums and the Warren Miller forums under this username too, might have seen ya there. Anyways, hello to all.
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hello from oregon, i have been skiing for about 5 years now so im new to the sport compared to many of you. i found this forum and decided to sign up after seeing alot of good info. I mostly ski mt. hood timberline but also venture out to other resorts. i'm planning more this year and work on improving my skills, i prefer the parks but i alos like to carve up some powder when we get some. I would like to hook up with others that ski on Mt. Hood.
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Durrance is here!

I'm really excited to welcome my long time (way too long!) friend, Dave Durrance to Epicski.

He is a former racer and coach at international levels, and the founder of Durrance Sports in Aspen.

His store will also be one of our sponsors.

AND he really knows both gear and skiing. Those who make it to ESA in Snowmass will have a chance to meet him, as he's going to come up and hang out with us.

Durrance is also one of the three original trolls: Squatty and I being the other two!

Welcome, Dave!
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Looks like the place to intro myself. I've been reading the posts and love all the info. I'm a Front Range'r skiing the I-70 corridor. Already hit A Basin once this season...it's still very early in the season.
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As long as all the other newbs are introducing themselves. I am Jake and I live in Madison, Wisconsin where i attend the University of Wisconsin. Please no football jokes. I can't wait to head out west over winter break.
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Hi! My name is James, and I'm addicted to Skiing.
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Originally Posted by Jameski View Post
Hi! My name is James, and I'm addicted to Skiing.

Welcome, James. I think you found the right place for your addiction.

If you're ever in or around Denver look me up. First round is on me.
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Gosh...so many new people...the stoke factor is rising..can feel the anticipation of the new season! Welcome to you all! This forum is fun and a good place to share in the addiction.
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Originally Posted by TheGnar View Post
Welcome, James. I think you found the right place for your addiction.

If you're ever in or around Denver look me up. First round is on me.
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hey everyone

hello from portland maine. where its currently 22 degrees on my deck and i have a new ski rack sitting in my basement waiting to be mounted to my car.
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Hello there, new member here, and this is my first post. Found this place after doing a google search on Atomic Bindings. I'm from Long Island.
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Hey there, I'm a new member. I've been skiing for two years in Utah and have began to love the sport. I'm planning on taking some lessons this year up at Snowbasin to improve my form and advance.
Ski Utah!
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Wow, ski freaks! Great forums.

I've been skiing for somewhere around 30 years, taught in Ontario until 6 or 7 years ago and just plain love to ski, like it seems, most of you do. I just got new skis, new boots and can't wait to hit the North Carolina hills when they open. Yea, I said North Carolina! It's not really unlike skiing in Ontario at Blue Mountain, Collingwood, just a little more vertical here and they usually open a couple weeks earlier. They call it Carolina Concrete, much the same as Blue Mountain Boiler plate. It's not so bad to ski those ice bumps, if it's all you got, you love it. When the temps are warm those bumps actually give!

I seriously thought i'd have to give up skiing when my husband moved me here 5 years ago. Well great to find the forums, lots of awesome info to keep me in the loop now that I'm not teaching and/or skiing every day all winter. Oh, and now that I'm in the states, planning a trip to Vail in February, since the Canadian Rockies were my annual trip previously it's going to be great to finally check out the Colorado powder.
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sup all , just found this site tonight after a long period of wanting a ski forum
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