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Oh hey, look at that, this was supposed to be my first post. Oops!

I'm from Philly, now living in NYC. Learned, then taught, in the Poconos since I was a little tyke. I never did get past PSIA I, but it's been 10 years since *I've* had a lesson and I definitely want one. I just got back from a trip to SLC–where a friend got shipped out for work–and it kicked my butt; now I can't wait for next season to get whupped again!

Thanks to the Barking Bear Forums I just got my first pair of "real" skis from milehighathletic: K2 Apache Recons. Can't wait to try them out; in the meantime I can only drool over them as they serve that all-important purpose of keeping me motivated to stay in shape!

I'm glad to find these forums as a place to geek out about skiing and try and get better at it, too. Many thanks to all the users and moderators! :
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HAHA Reducedfatoreo is from Philly.
Another friend I have from philly was upset when they took the transfats out of Girl scout cookies.

Welcome to Epic!
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Originally Posted by jayhawkskier View Post
Anyway, I guess that's my story. I am truly passionate about skiing, but other than my one glorious season, have never felt like I got to ski enough. I am a gear junkie too, but since I don't get as many days as I'd like I feel guilty feeding that habit. This site lets me live vicariously though and that will have to do until I can afford more ski trips!

Oh boy, if you think you're going to get away with just living vicariously and NOT start spending more money once you get immersed, you're sorely mistaken...

What will really happen is you'll start thinking, "wow, if person X has a quiver of 32 skis, I can afford a few more pairs..." A previous good year of 10-20 ski days starts to feel like you're not getting nearly enough snow time...

Welcome Aboard,

PS - As far as I know, there's never "skied enough"
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post
HAHA Reducedfatoreo is from Philly.
Another friend I have from philly was upset when they took the transfats out of Girl scout cookies.

Welcome to Epic!
Haha, thanks! Didn't we get the number 1 spot for Fattest City in America a few years back? Must be all those cheesesteaks!

Quite honestly I was eating a whole package of those tasty cookie sandwiches when I needed a 'net handle a few years back, and it just stuck. Hell, they are tasty! Heh, guess it was fitting when the music company I work for did the theme song for the DSRL commercials earlier this year!

Let me know if you're passing through Philly, I'll make sure you get some *real* cheesesteaks...no Pat or Geno's here!
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What's wrong with OC, Mammoth cranks!!
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I B Nu Too

Hello all.
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Welcome BachBum
Lots of Mammoth Bears here. We'll ski anywhere there is snow and slope:
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Thanks! Not too many nice people left in this town.
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Hello from Canada...I found this place randomly through google. Sometimes google gives you good stuff. Im not really a skier, I..uh..snowboard. I have been for about 8 years now, and Im into trying differant things so Im looking into skiing. Maybe I will never set foot on a snowboard again. We will see, next season I'll take some lessons then decide if it is for me.
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Welcome wmp.dll It would be interesting to hear your thoughts as to the differences/similarities between the snowboard experience and the ski experience as you take your first lessons and such
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Maybe I will never set foot on a snowboard again. We will see, next season I'll take some lessons then decide if it is for me.

Please don't go over to the darkside. Stay on the snowboard. It's way more cool.
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Welcome. Glad you decided to join us. I'm usually good at deciphering folks screen names. Are you a MS media player fan?
Snowboarders and skiers are all at home here
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Hi wmp.dll

Most of us are willing to share the area with knuckedraggers. It's all cool here
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How doo from england.

I'm john, a skier of 14 years, starting at the tender age of 23 on 200cm's.
Heavily influenced by Scot Schmidt and Glen Plake, well tbh, it's the reason I found you guys. I was wondering why Glen was with Elan, and google found it out.
Ski's I own are (oldest) K2 TRX Carbon 200cm's( guess why I bought these..), Salomon Xscream Series 187's with 897 driver suspension bindings, and I mainly play on Salomon Scleaver 8's with a S914 Binding in 160cm. These are basically a 3V minus the carbon weave on the tails but have pro-link and hold me up as well as the xscreams! Boots are old school Salomon Integral Force 9.1's in YELLOW Too comfy to swap..

I mainly ski scotlands' resorts, Cairngorm Mountain being my favourite esp the White Lady and a blast down the Coire cas, sometimes I ski the Lecht.
Summer wise it's indoor snow slopes, and VW shows as I run a club and have a rareish Passat V6TDI Variant.
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G`Day everone, I am from Sydney Australia,I just stumbled on you guys by googling "soused hogs face" of all things.....seems there`s a few fellow Aubrey/Maturin fans as well as fellow skiers.
I ski perisher blue in the Aussie Alps every year and go to Canada every few years,so far I have been to Whistler and Silver Star and am fortunate enough to be going to Big White this year .This will be the first white Xmas for me and the family so really lookin forward to it (it was 37 deg C last Xmas at home ).
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Welcome Snowrunner and Johndub.

JD, do I know you form somewhere else ? Sunny day here in Leeds, it'll soon be time for me to hit Castleford for a few turns...
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Hi! I sometimes post on snowheads Wear the fox hat, plus I run the vw club section8
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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post
Are you a MS media player fan?
No but Im getting pretty fed up with Vista.
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Hey there Johndub and Snowrunner. I learnt to ski on Cairngorm in the late 70's and now ski mainly at Perisher Blue with quite a few other places in between, doing the ski bum thing and having a great time at it- lot's of cross connections here on the ww they-dont-call-it a-web-for-nothing web. Hope you enjoy Epic as much as I do.
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Me Zombie Apocalypse. Being undead, not so bad- me get tax break. Me like brains, wide skis, powder and braaaaaaains. Also long lift lines make for easy catch. Please skiers... Wear helmet. Keep brains nice and squishy clean. Looking for others to shuffle about in lodge with, and good spot to find top-shelf braaaaaaain. Some tell me skiers no have good brains, but something called "gapers" move slow and clumsy- easy target and soft brain. I hope to find.
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Well, Zomb, you may never get fat here...
But at least you won't starve like those zombies over in snowboard land!
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Hi guys. Found this forum a while back but just joined (more time on my hands in the summer). I'm live in PA and ski a molehill here but venture up to Whiteface as often as I can. This year I'll get some July skiing in at Momentum's mogul camp at Blackcomb!
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howdy all,

Another denver skier here. Also a gear whore. If only there were other people out there just like me...
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Hey everyone! New member here, right now I live in New York City for school, but I mostly ski at Holiday Valley in western new york. I took my first trip out west to Breckenridge last winter and had an amazing time. I've been skiing for two years now and have gotten a lot of great information from this website!:
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Welcome all!
How's the ski jones doing in the summer?
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Hello from NH

I have always considered August 3rd to be about 100 days until the season starts in New England...although we did have that incredible dump last October. Blew that statistic Anyway, it's time to start looking for tent sales and swamp Maple leaves turning, happy thoughts! Great site and I just happened to find it by googling Gislaved snow tires. What a concept. Hey, have a great day and I'll look forward to joining the threads.
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Hi all - think I have already posted and not said hello yet...so hi!

Wow this is a big Forum!

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Welcome! Time to get geared up for ski season, eh?
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Are we there yet?

Hello all,

Like many of the other posters in this string, I'm new to the forums. I live near rainy Albany, NY, where we just had our 7th thunderstorm in eight days. Yesterday was the first rain-free day in quite a while.

Since I'm stuck inside yet again, I took out the Nikwax and renewed the DWR on all of the ski jackets in the house. One less thing to do when the season comes back around. Needless to say, my family thinks I'm crazy.

My season passes are at Gore Mtn. this year, so I plan to ski at Whiteface in the spring (1 pass 2 mtns). When we get a really good snow dump I like to head up to Mad River Glen. I also ski at Jiminy Peak on Tues. nights.

Hope to run into some of you around the N/E.

Ski the East
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