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Hello all,

New to the site, been skiing almost 20 years. Ski (teach/coach) at Mountain Creek in New Jersey (yes there's skiing in New Jersey...lol). Have a pair of Volkl TS 10 foot, but looking to get Fischer Progressor. Lots of info on this site and will be using to often.

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Old newb

Been skiing ~22 years but new to here. Wife and I live SE of Santa Fe and go to Taos pretty much every weekend. As long as TSV has pass agreements with other resorts, go there too (unless it's an epic year at TSV). Went to Telluride with friends in January for a gr8 3 days. We typically get 30-40 days in a season.

Not an expert, but do the ridge and mostly ski steeps and bumps. Hiked Kachina Saturday and caught some awesome pow in the chute above Hunziker. Obsess over every storm.

And yeah, I'll go get some firewood. Looking forward to learning a lot and meeting some great people.


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I was told by a fellow Bear that it was time for me to stop “stalking” this forum and post whereas I learn from KK that I wasn’t stalking I was “lurking”! So here I am recently back from a wonderful trip to CO where I met many more interesting Bears, learnt I knew nothing about powder skiing (since I live in MI) and can’t wait to go back…..

Check out: Trip Reports: TR: TC's Colorado Tour Phase One

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Hi All

Glad I was introduced to this site the day before my friend the Icelady left for her trip to Col. I followed you while you were there and was jealous as I was skiing Crystal while you were gone.

Some news for you Michigan skiers about Sugarloaf. I will keep you updated as the new purchaser lives in my area and is very excited about the project.

Also Rep. Bob Constan has introduced a bill that calls for mandatory helmets, after a fatal skiing accident here in Dec. and on the heels of the fatal accident in Jackson Hole. ( I spent 7 winters at JH and never thought about a helmet unless I was racing, and know it saved me when I went off the DH Course on Gros Venture thru the trees.)

Glad to be a Bear
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Just Register this am..looks Great!!!


I have skied since the mid 70's. Worked at a ski shop in highschool.
K2 Cheesburger, Cheesburger Deluxe ring any bells?. Graves Ski which couls heal itself??

Anyway, Join the Ski Patrol outta high School and lived the dream for 10 years. I left skiing, started sledding. I could play right outside the front door.

I thought this christmas while in Jasper, why not give it another try. Skiis long been donated, I demoed some K2 Fujatives. I went back to the shop in town with the poles and my Visa and told the dealer Here are your poles back and my Visa Card for the rest of the gear still out in the truck!!

I have skied every weekend since late December, I have a pair of K2 Coombas on order and plan to get into the Sled/Ski thing for another 20 years..

Great Site!!!
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Cool . . . welcome all

Now go ski . . .
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I am new to skiing this year and new to the forum. I live in Colorado Springs and started skiing this year. I am 58 years young, a retired fighter pilot and I love skiing. I have 25 ski days this year and went from beginner to level 7 in 3 months.

My favorite skis are the Vokle AC 40, and the K2 Apache Recon.

I joined the local ski club (Sno Jets) and look forward to to doing double blacks by this spring.

Love Summit County. :-)

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Hi everyone..

New poster but I have been lurking for the past few months. I have been skiing for about 19 years and I am currently in NJ. I have skied basically everywhere in NJ, NY, VT and I am making first trip out West (Utah) in March. I am very excited to experience the steep terrain and the powder :. Currently riding on the Salomon X-Wing Fury and I very happy with them. Hope to see everyone around!

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Originally Posted by Barstooler View Post
I joined the local ski club (Sno Jets) and look forward to to doing double blacks by this spring.
Welcome, Doc! (Ain't that just like a "Gotta-be-on-top" fighter jock? Always pushing the envelope.)

Remember to have fun with cruisers and developing your feel for the slopes ... on your way to the "mighty" double-diamonds.

And welcome to Mike, too. I remember my first time switching from the East to the Ut-ah-ah-ah!!! You'll have a blast!

- KK
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New here as well

I started a thread in the Injury and Rehab section called Quadriceps Tendon Rupture, Repair and Rehab (hint - don't do this to yourself). Found this place by researching new skis last season - ended up on a pair of Nordica Afterburner 188s (which will now not see additional action until next season).

35 year skier. Northern New Mexico native - love Pajarito and Taos. Spent 8 years as a ski instructor at Breck. Have spent significant time skiing A-Basin, Telluride, Jackson, Snowbird, Alta, Solitude, Squaw, Mt. Rose, Red Mountain, Bogus Basin, Sun Valley, Targhee, Big Sky, Timberline (summer only) and many other places I can't think of right now. Great info here. I'd waste all my time at work here if I could!

Idaho Guy
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I went skiing for my first time last year. Spent time with the group lesson, did the sub bunny hill stuff and actually left with a pretty bad feeling. My 3 year old however loved her hour lesson each day and her first question on the ride home was when can we go again? I've since had some lengthy lessons, picked up a pair of used skis (which might not be right for me) and am determined to learn how so we can do this as a family thing. Approximatly 6 hours (3 group 3 private) later I still can't turn - but am not giving up. I'll generally be skiing the Eastern Ohio, Western NY/PA area.

I've learned a bunch just from reading here and appreciate all the advice in advance.

Hon. Smails
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hey smails...

wanna fresca?

  • welcome to epicski
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I'll have nothing and like it

What are you doing this afternoon? How'd you like to mow my lawn
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It's easy to grin, when your ship come in, and you've got the stock market beat, but the man worth while, is the man who can smile.....

when his shorts are too tight in the seat.


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My dingy's bigger than your whole boat!
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I wanted to introduce myself and this seems like the right place. I just got back into skiing last year after a two year layoff for a torn ACL. I tore it at Snowbird in 2005. But thanks to my surgean and my Physical Terorist it's as good as new!

I have been skiing since I was 5 years old (I'm now 29). My dad, brother and I get out to Alta for a 3 day trip every year. My wife and I went to Beaver Creek and Vail last year. And, I can't wait to get my 5 week old son on skis. That won't happen soon enough!

Talk to you all soon!

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Sorry I missed this thread. Hello all! You have a great forum it has been a great source of info and amusement for me. I am a Yooper (born and raised in MI/Upper Peninsula) but have been sentenced to Lower MI for the last five years. But Good News I just got paroled to Denver! My wife and I are thrilled to be moving to ski country at last. We are both Air Traffic Controllers and can't wait to get to DIA. We have skied everywhere from Austria to Searchmont, Canada, but now we will finally be driving distance to some real mountains/snow. I currently ride Head Monster 72s 165cm, but I defiantly be building a quiver now that I have justification.
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Hello everyone.

My Name is Dominic and i am new to your forum. It is a very nice place that you have here.

I live in Washington St. and do most of my skiing at Stevens Pass. I am 36 and I began skiing as a little kid then quit when i was in my teens. I took the sport back up again last year and have skied more in the last 2 years then the rest of my life combined.

This site has been a great resource for knowledge and laughs. I hope to get to know some of you better. If anyone ever goes up to Stevens Pass and would like someone to ski with just contact me and we can go have fun.
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New guy

Hey everyone, Most forums have an 'introduce yourself' custom, so I'm just throwing up a hello. I hope this is the right section.

I'm an avid skier living in Denver. If I had to name a home hill, it's definitely Vail, tho I make Arapahoe Basin a few times each year due to ease of travel, and have relatives near Wolf Creek. Been at it for some time, but have just recently taken my skiing up a notch. Anyhow, I don't have too many ski partners, so give a holler if you're skiing in CO, and I may just join you.

Peace, mtn

Edit: hey look! some kind soul just moved this for me. thx!
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Thank you kindly!
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Welcome mtngator, I just may be contacting you in the next couple of weeks to make some turns at Vail!
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Welcome Techworlds and Mtngator. Enjoy, I know that I do!
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'Nother Newb

Hi all,

I've been mostly a lurker at rec.skiing.alpine since the pre name-calling days, and found epicski on a search for a picture of Corbett's last weekend.

I live in the Sacramento Valley, and ski mostly Alpine Meadows, Sugar Bowl, and Sierra-at-Tahoe. I've got young kids so much of my "skiing" in the past three years has been with them. When I get a free ski day, if there are any bumps at all available, that's all I ski. If its new snow or a good corn snow cycle, then I'll ski that. But mostly bumps. The only skiing condition that's self perpetuating, mmmm... mmmm... good. Groomers are for getting to the bumps.

Just turned 44, so I guess this counts as my 39th season.

Inspired by surfing these boards and readning about the guy who recited the list of ski areas he'd visited as he rode on the lift: here's my list roughly from longest ago to most recent - typing has been a fun trip down memory lane. Home mountains through the years have moved as I've moved, and are denoted with an asterisk. Total days skied there are estimated as well

Hoodoo Bowl (2)
Multorpor- Ski Bowl* (30)
Mt. Hood Meadows (20)
Timberline (10)
Bachelor (4)
Bogus Basin (4)
Mission Ridge (4)
Anthony Lakes* (50)
Crystal Mountain (4)
Sun Valley (3)

college on the east coast:
Roundtop PA (2)
various unknown PA areas,
Killington (5)
Loon Mountain (2)
Waterville Valley (1)

Family Xmas trips in college / grad school:
Alta / Snowbird (8)
Whistler / Blackcomb (12)
Austria (5)

Moved to Bay Area, CA for graduate school:
Bear Valley (2)
Heavenly (10)
Sugar Bowl (15)
Northstar (6)

Working in Northern CA now for 20 years (!) and add:
Alpine Meadows (120)
Squaw Valley (30)
Boreal, (1)
Mt. Rose (1)
Homewood (2)
Kirkwood (6)
Sierra at Tahoe (10)
Breckenridge (1)
Copper Mountain (1)
Beaver Creek (1)

Had kids (now 6 and 8):
Tahoe Donner*: (10)
Donner Ski Ranch (1)
Soda Springs (1)

There's prolly a few I missed. Even then, more than y'all wanted to know. Can't wait 'til the kids find their legs.


Can you say, "geek?"
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Howdy all, another new guy here. I've been lurking for a while, but decided it's time to jump in.

I'm a university student from Calgary, Alberta (home of the '88 winter olympics) and have been skiing on and off for most of my life. There was a brief foray into snowboarding in the mid '90s and about 5 years where marching band took most of my life and cash so I didn't ski much, but I got back into it pretty aggressively in the last 4 years. I mostly ski our local resorts: Sunshine, Lake Louise and Mt. Norquay, with the occasional trip into BC to Panorama or Fernie. I'm pretty much at home on big groomers, but am trying to expand into the off piste as much as possible.

For my day job when I'm not at school, I fix bikes at Bow Cycle, and have spent a few winters as a ski tech.
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Hi Chachi and Bobatt. Welcome aboard. I'm kinda new myself. The initiation isn't too bad so hang in there...

There's no initiation LOL!
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Another new guy here.

I'm originally from Brooklyn New York, but I currently live in and go to school in Binghamton New York. I started skiing pretty late, when I was 15, but I've loved it since. Recently I have been skiing the most at Greek Peak, which while being small and boring is the best that there is here in Central NY. I love going to Vermont, which has the best skiing within driving distance, particularly in Stowe. I've never been out west but I can't wait until I go, which will probably be next year.

Currently I'm skiing Head iM70's with Head Edge 8.2 boots. Hopefully I'll have the money to upgrade my set up pretty soon.
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Ahh! Bingo and Greek Peak; know both well.

Greetings, Wooly. Are you attending SUNYB?

- KK
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^Yep, and I'll actually be there this Thursday.
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Been lurking for a few months. 55 Y.O., been skiing since 93, level 6 (sometimes 7). Not much to ski in Chicago, so trips to South Lake Tahoe, Keystone, Aspen make up my 6–10 days per year. My love is a level 4-5, so we keep to the easier blues for her... but I manage to hit the harder stuff when she takes a break.

Great site!!!
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