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Howdy, I actually joined the forum a while back, but haven't posted too much. So, I'd better introduce myself.

My name's Dave. I live in Salt Lake City, but I'm a former East Coaster. I grew up in Mass and have throughout New England and NYC.

This year, I'll be skiing Alta and Solitude. In years past, I've had a pass to Sunday River, Sugarloaf, Mount Snow, Alta, Solitude. I've worked at Solitude and Sunday River.

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I guess I will catch wave of new people here and introduce myself also. I am Billy, currently living in South Korea teaching English but am from Pennsylvania. I am kind of new to skiing but am loving reading all the tips and hints and advice you all share here on this site. I have learned a lot already and can't wait to get back home and get back to the mountain, well, in PA a hill really, but it does have snow, kinda...Nice to meet you all.
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Hi Billy, why don't you jump a ride over to Niseko this winter and try out our powder.
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I'd love to...but not sure how possible it is with my schedule. We don't have much time off and our (my wife and I) vacation time has been pushed to the end of our contract, July. I'll see what I can do.
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Got any three-day weekends in January or February? Add in a sickie, and there you be.
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Dropping in to say “hey!” I’ve been lurking a bit since I discovered this forum late last season. Got some good advice on choosing new boots and to demo a bunch of skis. Thanx all!

I get a charge outta the variety of people here. You Bears sure got lotsa years of experience in lotsa snow on lotsa planks! Gotta luv yer wisdom and d**k waggin’ ;~)

My name is Chuck, I picked skiin’ back up a few years back just south of my 50th b-day. Used to ski alot when I was a kid thru my late 30’s. Gave it up to spend time with other stuff, tho I still skinny skied out back. Got on a pair of shaped skis for the first time early season of 2002 and instantly got hooked back up. Pretty fun!

Taught for a bunch of years in the ‘70s and ‘80s at a Midwest bump and patrolled there a couple years too. Hired, fired and trained there later on. Time flies, I want to spend more of it flyin’ on skis before it runs out on me. Tho I have skied with guys in their ‘80s……

Last week I scored a pair of last years’ Volkl Allstars at 168cm for a killer price at a bud’s ski shop. Fresh stone grind, sharp, waxed and ready. Can’t wait to rip the blue Midwest hardpack!

Lookin’ forward to the season and keepin’ up with the Bears. Hope to ski with a Bear or two someday.

“if you ain’t skied a Midwest bump, well, you ain’t skied sh*t!”
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Welcome MidwestWI,
I'd almost bed I'm straight across Lake Michigan from you.
Gotta love the enthusiasm of someone who can find grins on a 400 ft hill!
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Hey there folks. Although I've been a member for about a year, haven't started posting til this week. I had password issues that i couldn't figure out ( Nothing that my 15 yr old son couldn't get around in about 10 seconds ... once I asked !). Just wanted to say thanks to all bears for the informative advice and guidance given to each other. Although it may be directed to one individual, we all benefit in the long run.

Hey MidwestWI ... you'll love your allstars ! I have a pair of the 05/06 model and absolutely love them. For Eastern hardpack ... you can't beat them. Note: This is only one mans opinion.

Take care.
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After much browsing I figured this seems like an appropriate place to put a first post. So hello! I'm from Calgary, Alberta and I ski Lake Louise, Sunshine and Fernie the most frequently. Go Canadian Rockies!

I look forward to future dealings!
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hey trekchick –
400 feet? Hey! My home hill Cascade by Portage Wi (south-central Wisconsin) has 600+ I’ll tell ya der-hey! Yeh OK, 350 of ‘em are kinda flat……Gotta get rip what we got!:
Trek bike company – Waterloo – close by.
It’s gettin’ colder here, snowgods are de-rusting the guns as I write. Those trip report pics of October Alta pow (Today 11/1 - TR: Sicktarded October Pow at Alta 10-21-07 )
make me feel all ‘tarded but dey got nutin’ on our power snow!
Can’t wait - ‘you ever bin to Bohemia on the UP’s Keweenaw Peninsula?
Check out this video – great opening!

hey rmp –
Thanx fer the vibes on the allstars! I demo’d these and 12’ tigersharks at Mt Hood last spring. Fun stuff! I don’t think the skis were quite in their element at Hood those days - lotsa heavy 6-10” fresh-four-days-ago broken snow ….the skis felt a little squirrelly-turney in the heavy loose but came home where the snow got firm and laid they some respectable trenches. I’m revved and stoked to rip the serious hard stuff here at home, hopin’ they’ll be there!:

“snow from guns? careful der, partner……..”
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Well, just found this site and really exited to explore! Hey everyone, hope yo'll have lots of snow out there!
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Hi all. I'm not exactly new... I joined a few months ago. But I haven't been active until yesterday.

I'm originally from PA, moved to VT a few years ago, and I'm now studying Ski Area Operations at Colorado Mountain College in Leadville, CO.

I'm a fanatical bump skier. It's just about all I do. When I'm on the groomers, I'm working on my technique for the bumps. Simple as that.

I'm a member on several ski forums. AlpineZone, SkiMRV, SnowJournal, my own forum, forums.mogulskiing.net, and just looking to get involved over here as well. Skiing and the ski industry are my passions, and I jump at any chance I get to discuss it with other folks of a similar mentality.

I hope I can be a valuable contributor at the Barking Bear!
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Greetings to Everyone!

I found myself lurking around this forum last year at about this time and figured I should hop in. I spend more time than I should on mt. bike (mtbr) & kitesurfing forums; it's nice to see there is one of these for skiers.

I'm a 27 year old male paramedic, medical student, & kiteboarding instructor from southeast michigan. I have been skiing since I was 17 and snowboarding since I was 12. I used to dabble in competitive alpine snowboarding when it was still cool. I ski northern michigan several times a year with usually 1 trip west and 1 trip east per season. I really don't have a terrain preference, but I generally don't enjoy moguls (gotta save my knees for kiteboarding).

OK, now for the important stuff:

Boots: 2005 Dobermann pro 130
Skis: Atomic Metron B5 162/Neox 412; Atomic SL11 157/Device 412; Volkl G41 178/Marker SC81
Boards: Burton Jim Rippey 156 (still my favorite!), various alpine/race boards, Signal 155 wide (for snow kiting)

My general rule is if there is 8" or more I go for a snowboard. Although this might change if I had some powder skis...hopefully you guys can help me change this.

Looking forward to becoming a valued member of your forum,

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As always, welcome to all the new members. MidwestWI, You crack me up......eh?

iceaxe, you may find some of your mtbr friends here as well.
If you look in the off season sports section, you'll find a bike area where a lot of cross posters hang out in the "off season"
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Hi everyone, I'm Larry and live near Yakima, Wa. so that makes my current home mountain White Pass. I've done what I called skiing for most of my life. Last year though, I actually learned how to ski. I had tried out for the ski patrol and was turned down, so I decided to try out the "Top of the Hill" advanced clinics that they offered at WP and have discovered that Skiing is a BLAST!!!
I can now actually carve turns and ride my edges, stay in control in the bumps. I grew up in Maine and learned to skid down on my tails there and thought that was skiing.
I actually have been skiing Tele the past 10+ years but decided to go back to alpine for the patrol try outs. The new gear and actually knowing how to use it has been the biggest treat.
I hope to get out to more of the Pac. NW great ski area's this year. Maybe I'll see some of you there!
My Gear, unskied upon yet;
Volkl Supersport S5, 168cm
Salomon V Wave 6 boots
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Hello all, I'm Brett I live near Richmond VA and grew up near Pittsburgh PA.

I skied a fair amount as a teenager with the highschool ski club and just started back up two years ago at 24.

I try to ski as much as possible, but it isn't easy living in virginia. Usually wintergreen, masanutten, 7 springs and snowshoe are easy drives. I would like to take a trip or two out west and maybe a few weekend trips to vemont this year.
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Hey there Bears! I discovered your forums about a month ago and haven't been able to go a day without checking back.

I live in Jacksonville, FL but lived in Asheville, NC for a couple years back in the mid 90's. Picked up skiing and never looked back. I usually go about 10 days a year the last few years (mainly to Cat, Sugar, and Beech) but am moving out to Colorado in June so i'm gonna be ripping up NC for (hopefully) 30+ days this year to prepare myself for the bigger mountains out west.

Hope to make some friends and maybe take a few outings. In the meantime, I look forward to chillin with everyone on the forums.

LOL By the way...we had our first frost in Jacksonville this morning! There is a small 40 foot hill in back of my apartments with a large fountain and when I took the dog out this morning the hill looked like it had been lightly dusted (the wind must have been blowing last night). My mind wandered to my ski gear in my closet and wondered if maybe I could litteraly get a turn or two in once a hard freeze hits. LOL It's okay to laugh at me for that though...I laughed at myself.
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I have been reading these forums daily for about a year now and dis not really want to start posting because i know i will start spending to much time on here now.

But here i am posting and now i am not going to be able to stop!
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Hello all

just found this site, lots of great info.

Thank you for sharing

From Kelowna, BC
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Welcome all!

New member from Minnesota, St.Olaf college. Hope to be seeing some of you out in Utah this year.
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Hi all from New Zealand

Hi all
I'm 18 and have been trawling through these forums for about a week now and finally decided to join.

I live in Wellington, New Zealand and have done nearly all my skiing there.
I ski the South Island; Treble Cone, Cardrona, Mt Hutt, The Remarks and Coronet Peak.

Earlier this year in mid-late Feb 07 went to Salt Lake City for two weeks of Utah Pow. My dad had a business trip so we tagged on some skiing. The powder was incredible. Completely different than anything back in NZ.

Since then ive been reading up on skiing in the states, Canada and around the world. I start University next year and am planning to come back to the states to work at a resort.

My first question with this is: Where should I go?
I want to go somewhere with awesome skiing and snow particularly November up to Feb as that is when I will be here.

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Hello Everyone,

I just figured I should introduce myself since I have been lurking these forums for about a year or so. I really like the content on this forum.

I am 23 yr's old and have been working at a small mountain for the past 6 years here in PA. I started out at a ski shop and then moved on to the mountain since it was closer to my college.

I also teach freestyle and will be helping coach the race team this year.

I try to ski as much as possible. I look forward to gaining knowledge and sharing knowledge with you all.
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Hey everyone, 23 here and been lurking for a little bit. Home in the northeast, but in the future when I'm done with school I really hope to move out west somewhere where the real mountains are.
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I already joined and posted in the First Chair thread to introduce myself last year. But I have a question:

I've SEARCHED and I've Googled, but I cannot find any source for the name "barking bears." What's it come from?


- KK
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Great forum. I'm 28, live in Ontario, and skiing is just a hobby unlike all you racers and instructors. I've been to Mont Tremblant and various little Ontario ski hills the most but I've also been to Mont Sante Anne and Blue Mountain, and out west to Fortress, Lake Louise, and Sunshine Village. This winter I'm checking out the skiing in Vermont. Haven't decided on which mountain yet though. Last year I finally stopped renting and bought a pair of Atomics so I'm looking to put them to good use.
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Welcome to all the new Bears! Its looking like a great ski season........like maybe you're the lucky charm(s)!

Originally Posted by Kaptain Karl View Post
I already joined and posted in the First Chair thread to introduce myself last year. But I have a question:

I've SEARCHED and I've Googled, but I cannot find any source for the name "barking bears." What's it come from?


- KK
There are some threads around that explain it, but I'm not the most informed on that.
I suggest you start a thread in Community or here in the General Skiing Discussion and see how many veteran members come out to tell tales of the switch from Beavers to Bears.
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Hey Bears, I'm Doug and I am a first generation skier. I am originally from Ohio but have been living in Vegas for about 4.5 years. I will be 29 in couple weeks but I didn't start skiing till I was 19. I must thank my friends from Duquesne University for introducing me to "the most fun you can have with your clothes on" as my friend Jeremy likes to say about skiing. I spent most of my first weekend of skiing falling every 10 feet for no reason but I have been hooked ever since.

Have a safe ski season everyone!
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Hi All,

Found this site just a few days ago. VERY good message boards. That is because of the participation, so I will try to contribute.

46 y.o. male. Born in NW Montana, transplanted to Mpls/St.Paul, MN. Have since moved to Northern Minnesota. Ski bummed at Crested Butte in the early 80's. Just started with the patrol at the local hill.

Married, two teenagers - one of each. Both in terms of boy/girl and skier/snowboarder.

Opinionated, Argumentative, Communicator, Loyal Friend, Christian

Glad to be here
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DM, Welcome!
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TY Fox




My Montana math tells me that is over 5 a day. Every day for 2000 days straight. You are a message board King.
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