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Newbie here. Out of Southern NH. Late 30s, skiing 25 years, level 7 skier - 8 on a good day, really starting to get back to the ski fanatic state I was in many years ago.

Enjoying the site very much in the couple days I've been in. Especially like the gear forums...
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Hi, my name is Scott too. 33 years old, skiing about 25. I found this site about a month ago when I was looking for recommendations on replacements for the boots I killed, and after lurking a bit I'm ready to jump in...
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Originally Posted by trekchick View Post
Welcome! Watch out for Phil his gear buying is contagious!

If you get the Phil-infection, its not my fault. You've been warned!
Hi all!

I too have been playing here for awhile and never really introduced myself as I somehow missed this sticky!

I've read/researched on here for a couple of seasons now and finally started chattin'! Great info, great reviews... great people!

I wish I'd have seen Trekchicks warning before as I've apparently already been Phil-infected... All that glowing about Krypton's had me feeling like, "No one could love a piece of gear this much without reason." I had to go to a shop to try them on. When I came home, I resisted as long as I could, about an hour!

In keeping with more EpicSki goodness, SierraJim had 1 last pair of 24.5 Cross' w/ID liner... and at a great price as always! Thx SJ! and Thx Phil! I anxiously await their arrival on Friday

This site rocks and I'm happy to now be a part of it!

ILikeSki, YouLikeSki... WeAllLikeSki!
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Oh yeah, forgot the vitals...

32 and been skiing for about 20 years. I'd taken a hiatus for some unknown reason for a few years but the bug is back baby! I feel I've regained my level 7 this year and I've become more and more obsessed over the last 3 seasons!

As I live in Jersey, I wouldn't say that I have a home mtn, but I wish I did and I think it would be awesome if the NE Epic community bought the old Hickory!

Look forward to getting to know many of you,
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Hey ILikeSki, I also had a few years off and have been back at it for the past three seasons. Bug is barely the word, more like a Virus!

I am also known as Eric...
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I thought I ought to be polite & introduce myself since some of you have been very kindly trying to answer my question for me! I found this forum last fall while researching to choose a first pair of skis to buy, forgot about it, and then found it again a few weeks ago when I was trying to answer some other ski question for myself.
I'm 24, and this is my third season skiing, although the first might not really count since it was 3 days right before spring - enough to create a true monster though, and I've been blessed to be a fast learner, so now I'm truly hooked. I love that by coming here I can read about the proper way to do things, which hopefully will help me avoid bad habits and keep learning
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Another new guy here. Just starting to get back into skiing after about 10-15 years off during grad school, getting married, and having kids.

Live in SW PA and forced to ski mostly on small, icy, hills around here, but will be getting out west sometime soon.
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Hello, my name is Doug, I am 36 years old and I live in Buffalo, New York and this has been my first season. I managed to get about 30 days in so far and I've gone from snow-plowing in mortal terror on the bunny hill to carving turns to skiing 40 degree slopes (well, 38 degrees is the steepest we have here) and trees since December. I still suck at bumps, but I'm working at it. Hopefully, I''ll be able to get two more days in this season, I never thought before that I would curse the arrival of spring, but now the prospect of eight months without snow is making me sick to my stomach.
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Originally Posted by epl View Post
I never thought before that I would curse the arrival of spring, but now the prospect of eight months without snow is making me sick to my stomach.
You have caught the EpicSki Bug!
There is no cure. Just ride it out, don't let it get you ornery, and hook up with some bears for some summer sports. Biking and golf have been mentioned a few times.
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Have been reading this forum recently. wanted to be able to write as well. Great forum... Recently started skiing, but loved it. I regret not having started sooner. Now, I am trying to ski as much as possible. A snow forecast within a 300 miles radius makes my day. I cannot sleep much the day before I am going to be skiing. Should get over this, though. It hurts my skiing!
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Another one

Hey to all, so glad I found this site.
I ski in NM and CO I prefer Crested Butte and Breckenridge.
and I ski at Angelfire a lot because it is the quickest drive.
Haven't made Aspen or Vail yet. Afraid I won't want to go anywhere else if I ever do go there. This is a great forum, thanks .
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Welcome JoMike. Look around, there is a ton of great info here.
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Hi all!

I've been posting on Australian ski forums for a while. Heard this place mentioned a few times so I thought I'd check it out.

Looks very :
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Originally Posted by Principal Douglas View Post
Hi all!

I've been posting on Australian ski forums for a while. Heard this place mentioned a few times so I thought I'd check it out.

Looks very :
Don't forget to post trip and other photo ops from home. We love to see others' ski resorts. Welcome mate.
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Will do GarryZ. It's not long till winter down here so I'll have plenty of photos soon
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newbie intros

hi all,
fantastic site--learned more in 1 month from forums than from 10 years of reading ski mags...
a sf bay area resident since mid 70s when you could buy a house here in a good neighborhood for $50k, not $500k..
born and raised in jamaica, not a member of the famous bobsled team, moved to england to play professional cricket, and to race bicycles...then to canada, recruited by boeing in seattle to work on 747, got mech engr degree at uw (huskies), did msme at purdue, recruited by chevron and moved to bay area in mid 70s, where i was an automotive engineer developing new oils and gasolines for chevron...raced sports cars....
learned to ski at tahoe, loved it, strong legs helped, became psia level 2 instructor, worked at mammoth, park city, steamboat, but last 4 years teaching high school..
getting back into skiing...still riding masters circuit to keep trim...
a lot about me....probably major bore...anyway...
keep the faith, and GO WARRIORS!!.......neil
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skiing almost 30 yrs, quit in '91 and started back 3 yrs ago.. .. I've viewed this site for some time-- when bug hit to get back on slopes, started reading evrything I could !! Glad to be able to join and get great insight from such knowledgable skiers -- really enjoy hearing from the Bears.
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Welcome rapid, and the rest of you. Pull up a chair, grab a beer (Principle Douglas, I'm sure we've got some VB stubbies around here somewhere), and make yourselves at home!
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Hey Bears. Newbie here. I skied a bit in the '60s, '70s, and '80s and loved it but never could "parallel" those long straight skis. In December 2004 I tried shaped skis, my husband tried snowboarding, and we were hooked. At present, I'm far more obsessed than he is.

I'm female, age 47, live in Western MA, ski locally and in Southern VT mostly, and in Montana once a season. I'm a level 7 skier and am learning some park basis -- love the freestyle stuff but also all mountain skiing. Mostly love skiing mid-week and avoiding the crowds. I have 2 kids and 3 step kids and among them 2 of them ski and 2 snowboard. They're one season behind me, so I'm still faster and more skilled, but before long they'll smoke me for sure and try more risky park and pipe stuff than is safe for me.

I found Epic from www.theskidiva.com, and am impressed by the wealth of information on this site. For now, I'm trying to enjoy the gorgeous warm weather and be patient for ski season to return.
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Welcome! You are a great addition to the EpicSki community.
If you think participating here and on SkiDiva will help you with your obsession, you may be in for a shocker. Its bound to make you more obsessed than ever.:
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Originally Posted by trekchick View Post
If you think participating here and on SkiDiva will help you with your obsession, you may be in for a shocker. Its bound to make you more obsessed than ever.:
Thanks Snowhot/Trekchick. My obsession is growing daily!
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Originally Posted by ski now work later View Post
Thanks Snowhot/Trekchick. My obsession is growing daily!
Brace yourself, its gonna get worse!!!(or is it better?)
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Gid-day All

In between seasons, Waiting here in Wanaka, NZ for Treble Cone to open in the next couple of weeks.

This is my 38th winter season back to back , I've make a few turns on a lot of mountains.

Looking forward to exploring this forum

make every second turn a right one...

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Welcome to EpicSki, Dean!

Hope the season revs up quick for ya and it's a good one!

It was great to make a few turns with you and Dan this past (US) season Hope to see ya here in the forums!


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Thanks Chris

Dan and myself are planning on being back in Colorado next winter too :
I'm trying to get Dan sign up on Epicski... We may look at unloading some ideas : Look out Bob
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Hi, Guys

I'm new to here as well.

Although I have been reading the postings in the forum for a long time, I only managed to registered successfully couple of days ago.

I only skied in North America couples of time (Heavenley Valley & Whistler), I normally ski in France & Switzerland.

I'm looking forward to getting to know everybody.
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Welcome Scavenger! I hope this site helps you learn, teach and have fun.
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Well, I've started posting here even though I just lurked for a long time, so it's probably time I explained why I'm becoming obsessed with something at which I'm so utterly inexperienced...

I didn't grow up around skiing at all. Born in Kansas, moved to Texas, and then to Virginia for high school, near DC. It wasn't until I moved to Maine for college that I was even somewhere that it was reasonable to ski somewhat locally, but without the funds to support that and the endless series of demands on my time, it never happened. I skied a few times in high school with a friend who had a condo at Wintergreen (I think 3-4 days, maybe), and even though I enjoyed it, I didn't have the means to do it other without borrowing a lot of equipment, etc. Fast-forward about 10 years, to around Feb 06, when my girlfriend and I decided to go skiing, and headed out to Timberline in WV. Growing up, she skied the local hill in her town (in the Czech Republic), took school ski trips, etc, but hadn't skied in about 13 years when we went (basically since she was 14). We had enough fun at Timberline that we decided to take a ski trip last February. With credit card points and airline miles, it was actually much cheaper for us to spend a week in Vail/Beaver Creek than to go anywhere on the East Coast (we basically ended up paying for gas and food, with everything else, including ski rental, lift tickets, etc. covered). We took a lesson at Vail while we were there, and felt like we learned a ton. After that trip, we agreed that skiing is something that we definitely enjoy doing together (I think she likes it mostly because it's a physical activity in which she can run circles around me... we're a tad competitive), and something that we will gladly give a lot of time and energy to. We set a goal of 15-20 days for the 07/08 season, which is ambitious, but we're excited to try to hit it!

The thing for me is, I'm just now at a place for the first time in about 12 years that I have both free time and money to spend at the same time. I'm really looking forward to heading into next winter ready to learn a lot and make tremendous improvements on my fundamentals. In fact, the instructor we had in Vail runs a heliskiing operation in New Zealand during our summer, and I've kind of set that as a long-term goal for myself, to make it worth the trip there. To get there, I'll need a lot of instruction, and a lot of time on the snow.

I do tend to go a bit overboard when I find something that I connect with, and this appears to be no exception... I don't know if it's good, or just downright dangerous, that I found a website like this. Its tagline should be something like "enabling your habit, even in the offseason".

I look forward to learning a lot here, and hopefully, to having great stories, pictures, and experiences to share. I really feel like an outsider with a lot of the elements of ski culture, but this website is amazing in how well it seems to welcome crazy "JONG's" like me (haha!). It's not like that everywhere on the web...

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New guy checkin in. I have ski'd for a total of 7-8 years over the past 27 and started when I was 12. I live near Boulder Colorado and ski a mix of resorts and bc.
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Wow, Scavenger, Bumpfreaq, scootertig, and Trainwreck.............we've been lax in greeting our new members.

Let me give you the run down............
Be careful to not catch the ever contagious Philitus. If you catch it, you'll be sure to buy massive amounts of ski gear

You joined at the right time as we've opened the Supporter lounge to members during part of the summer so you can socialize during the off season with the supporters.

Take a minute to post in some of the off season stuff as its darn hot now and skiing is sparse in these parts.

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