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First Chair: New Member Introductions  

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Hey all.

Didn't see another place to really do this, so I figured I'd just spend my first post giving a little hello to everyone here. Just discovered the forum, looks to be a place that I'll be spending a lot of time!

I'm looking forward to getting to know everybody

Okay... back to your regularly scheduled programming.




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Glad you found us and welcome to our community! We do bark, but we (usually) don't bite.
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Welcome! Watch out for Phil his gear buying is contagious!

If you get the Phil-infection, its not my fault. You've been warned!
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Welcome to the best dam' ski site on the net, Riker.
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Welcome to EpicSki, Riker! Thanks for saying hi!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Orange county. hmm . Where do you like to ski? There are some pretty nice places in the Sierras,

ritmusic2k Welcome.

What kind of music?? Hum a few bars will we recognize it??
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Bienvenido, hope you reach 500 posts!
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sweet ...another newbie...welcome to the cult
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Hey good to have you in the mix bro
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Welcome! Take your coat off, stay a while.
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Originally Posted by GarryZ View Post
Orange county. hmm . Where do you like to ski?
Actually haven't skied out west yet - see here: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=45276

Originally Posted by GarryZ View Post
What kind of music?? Hum a few bars will we recognize it??
Okay, I tried it. Did you hear?

Seriously, I play in a local band, mostly covers and such; it's acoustic versions of everything from modern rock, classic rock, folk, alternative, etc. Bunch of stuff. Loads of fun.
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Greetings all
I too am just discovered this site.
I m from Nor*CA and will ski Tahoe all season long. I once *another lifetime actually* was a ski instructor at Heavenly -- but that was before I really learned how to turn
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Welcome AllMTgirl
Happy to see you around. Epic can always use a few more Chicks & Divas!

You'll find tons of Tahoe friends! enjoy!
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Welcome all you newbees......nolo hit it...this is the best ski site out there (though there are a few folks in the universe that would try to dispute that)!

Get yourselves out to one of our gatherings. The official one in Cali....and/or mine in Colorado. You can find the info in the "meet on the hill forum". The more Bears you meet....the more fun it gets!

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Pleasure to make your acquaintance, allMTgrl

Uncle Louie, sounds like a game-plan-and-a-half. I'll check out the meet section.
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Welcome Rir and Allmtgrl

Rit definately check the meet on the hill section as Uncle Louie said.

I had my best season ever last year by meeting and skiing with many people from this board and I actually liked all of them. I'll be doing more of the same this year and hope to make your aquaintance.

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Cali for life!

Welcome to the both.

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There are some real experts on this site (self not included), so ask away, cause, chances are, some of 'em have been there, done that.
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First Chair: New Member Introductions

I've been lurking for a while and have finally decided to post!

Just moved from Tahoe to Aspen and I know nothing about the area!
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Tahoe to Aspen? Slumming it, huh?

Welcome to Epic, there in no valet parking.
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'Nother newbie. Looking forward to hanging out & learning.
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Hey I got an idea(actually stealing an idea from Alpine Zone)

Let's make this a sticky and call it "new members introduce yourself " thread

Cool huh?:
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Motion seconded.

I frequent www.shoforum.com, ("ritmusic2k" there as well, if there are any SHO owners poking around here) who has a whole forum devoted to member intros. I was looking for one here; gave up and banged out out this thread.

Let's get this thing all stuck up!
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Welcome Riker
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From one newb to another, welcome and howdy.
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Title update.
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I don't think I've ever introed myself either. Darn in anyhow

Anyways. I live in the wonderful state of Montana.
Been skiing since I can remember (which my dad tells me I was about 3 when I started). So a little over 20 years now.

Grew up skiing Big Mountain and I can remember when it was Chair 1 (before the quad), there was no back side and skiing it when it opened and the night skiing lights made the shape of a Seal which used to be Big Mtn's logo (and I think they still do).

I mostly ski MT, but do make a trip to other places at least once a year.

I used to be an instructor at a little mom & pop mtn called Deer Mountain in Lead, SD (anyone heard of it?) worked there for about 4 seasons, moved to Terry Peak (just down the road from Deer) and worked 1 season there. Moved back to MT and let all my certs lapse.

I'm in the MT National Guard, and did a active duty stint too. Got to ski in Korea.

Sorry bout the bio. Just a little background I guess..
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I never did intro myself properly either. Live in Beautiful British Columbia (home mt is Sun Peaks). I have frequently benefitted from the wise sages on this board!

So... Hello!
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New kid on the block

I am also a new member on this site. Have been a guest last year and just now became a member. Find all the info most entertaining and informative. Ski about 15-20 days a year at a little place with called Brian Head which is in southern Utah. It has fantastic snow, great people and only 3 hours from my home in Henderson, NV. Rumor has it they are going to have a high speed quad and invest about 9 million in a couple of more lifts in the next few years. Am a 60 year old who thinks skiing is the best individual sport ever invented.
Will be visiting daily as it is about time for snow in the west.
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Originally Posted by nolo View Post
Welcome to the best dam' ski site on the net, Riker.
Hmm. There is snowheads for us Brits, you know

But this is a great site, too :

I like the idea of an introduce-yourself thread, BTW. I've made only a few posts, here - so I guess I better say Hi, as well.
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