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Racers: Atomic GS 9m's

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Ok, so I've chosen a ski this year as my racing partner, the gs 9. I really like atomic products and they haven't failed me so far, but I was wondering if anyone who has skied these before (the 2007 model) had any comments about these skis?
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The '06 model of the GS 9 is pretty similar, were there any problems with that ski?
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Are they (GS 9) more sky than SX 10 ? They are practicly the same.
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What does that have to do with anything?
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Great ski. I find they hold better than the SX10, but that's based on 2006 skis. For NASTAR or club racing, the GS:9 is a good choice. Definitely not as demanding as the GS:11m, so you can freeski it at a variety of speeds and use it as an everyday ride.
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Cool, thanks for the help! I really like the ski specs and it seems like it will meet my GS needs. I also decided to get them in a 180 so I can't wait to try them out, I've been skiing my 167 Izor 9.7's so the extra 13 cm should be crazy-fast. I love speed.
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I had 180cm GS:9s, and they were a lot of fun for beer league races. You'll be suprised at what they are capable of.
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