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Shoulder probs

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March 24 2001 i took a brutal fall,the result was a 2 degree seperation of the shoulder.As of today i am still feeling the affects of this injury.With the season approuching im starting to think its going to effect me this season.Anyone here have this kind of injury?Info on the time this should heal and any other info would be cool.

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There is a herbal supplement, Glucosomine, which can assist in the repair of cartlidge. It can help 'tighten' up joints - I expect that your joint has been stretched with the separation. I think it helps lubricate the joint, and helps your body 'grow/repair' the cartlidge.

It can come in various forms in the health shop, sometimes they are marketed as 'joint' formula, others are just labelled 'Glucosomine'.

It is not an overnight fix, it may take a couple of months, but its natural. Make sure you take at least the maximum dose specified. I have heard it suggested that for the first month it can be worthwhile taking a double dose.

My other half, whose hobby is muscle repair, would suggest that you have a lot of scar tissue around the joint that needs massaging out by deep tissue massage - if you have not tried this already.

Glucosomine can be good for those skier knees as well.

mrs twoKiwis
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I'd suggest trying to use your poles as little as possible, since it almost certainly will affect you this winter. Call it training to improve your balance, or something. Of course, if you ski bumps, that'll be a problem, but still good for your skiing.
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Charger. I have an identical 2nd degree separation that I got in Spring 2000. It takes a loooooong time to heal. It won't affect your skiing too badly, however. Mine was in working order in just a couple weeks... after weight training and careful attention it was almost normal after about a year. I still have a lump though. I named it Fido.

The shoulder still bothers me after a day of hard work, but it is livable. Eventually, I imagine, it will need surgery. My only advice is don't let it ruin your skiing. the only big problem you will have is you can't land on it anymore, it will separate much easier from now on.

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My doctor also told me about it seperating much easier if a landed on it again.That is quite scary seems that it was the most painfull injury ive ever had.I guess i need a name for my lump too.

Thanks for the info people .Now all i have to do is avoid crashing ,WoW good luck to me and all.<FONT size="1">

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oh yeah... It hurts.
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Have you looked into any anti-inflammatory drug therapies? I have a moderately messed up shoulder from two injuries that involved broken clavicle and lots of torn up tissue.

I have occasional chronic pain from inflammed bursa and re-curring impingement. If the pain gets bad, and stays for a while, a quick scrip for flexaril or other anti-inflammatory gets me back on track. Ibuprofen is a pretty good anti-inflammation drug too. I take a lot of it.

My ability to do sustained overhead work is somewhat lessened, but I have not had to have surgery, ortho or conventional, and only have about 20 or so days a year with what I would call chronic pain.

Glucosamine? why not.
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