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This popped up on one of my local ski groups. Thought I'd pass it along...

"Do you like to ski fast? Do you race?
These are the most kick ass top of the line giant slalom alpine skis for serious skiers made
by Rossignol -- widely regarded as the best GS skis Rossi ever made.
They're the last generation of non-shaped skis from 1996-1997.
They're also decent all mountain skis for expert skiers in firmer and spring snow
conditions, and if you haul ass they're good in soft snow too.
Skis are 201 cm, almost mint condition. bases in excellent shape. These skis actually have
very few days on snow, probably less than 30.
Bindings are also top-notch Salomon Equipe Driver bindings (DIN 6-14). These bindings
are bomb-proof and will last until armageddon.

$100 or best offer. It makes me very sad, but I need to sell these. Make me an offer - any


pics at: