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Elan M 777

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I'm considering the Elan M 777 for my ski this year.

I'm 5' 7" at 175 lbs and am a fairly aggressive skier.

Any reviews would be welcomed.

If you ski this ski, what length do you ski it, how
tall are you and what is your weight?


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I'm 6'3 215 and I ski the m777 in a 184 length. I like to ski with a good amount of power and I find these skis to be medium soft underfoot and fairly soft at the tips. For powder they don't give total float like a true fatty, but they are pretty decent. On groomers they are great for long or medium turns, but with my weight it isn't too difficult to get the tips flapping if I'm skiing fast. I think that if you are a powerful skier and looking to go fast, you should probably go with the 184, if you ski with more finesse, then look for the 176. Either way its a good all mountain ski that can be had really cheap.
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Elan M 777


Thanks for the input.

Can you tell me where you've seen these
skis can be had "really cheap"

Any web sites?

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ski-depot.com has last year's 777 in 192cm for $299. That is way too long for you at 5'7" though.
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I'm exactly the same body measurements and ski the 176cm. In fact there's video of me skiing the M777 in the MSA Epic '06 thread. I think it's a great Colorado ski. Utah skiers probably think it's a bit too narrow (funny that we're now considering 87mm skis narrow), but we don't get the epic dumps in Colorado very often (and I have M999s for those days!).
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