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which binding

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Thinking of buying some HEAD Monster iM77's.
I've seen some with the Fix Tyrolia LD12 Railflex bindings and some with the Tyrolia RFD 11 Railflex II bindings. Is there ay difference and would you recommend these bindings?
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Yeah, I'd recommend them.

I do like the Tyrolia bindings (release when they should, don't any other time), but I really like and recommend the Railflex setup. No shop interaction to mount anything or holes to drill, the rail is already on the ski, you just attach the bindings to the connector bar and slide the while shebang onto the rail. Therefore, no possibility of a bad shop mounting experience.

I think I heard that the LD11 is a little bit lighter construction (but that's the reason the max DIN setting is less). I have 2 pair of LD12's so I can't really compare. Unless your recommended DIN setting is less than 6, I would probably recommend the 12's, but most shops should be able to easily provide either binding with the ski.
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