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The Day the Universe Changed.....

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Last fall, when I broke my leg, a very good friend of mine gave me a book entitled "The Day the Universe Changed". I had so many books to read during my rehab, I just never got around to reading that one. Though I do not know its contents, the concept of the title is now intriguing to me.

A few days ago, I received a phone call which has indeed changed my universe! It was a follow up call from a job interview which I had about 3 weeks ago, down near Houston.

With both a little excitement and a small amount of nervousness, I am pleased to inform everyone that I have been offered a full time position as a pilot with a corporate charter company in the Houston area, flying everything from King Air's to G V's. The pay starts at better than twice what I ever made as a ski instr, with full bene's, etc. And the capper is they are going to let me keep ski teaching a couple/ few weeks a season! I'll do a week at Xmas, and another week or two during the Spring.

This is not exactly the return to skiing from my injury that I had anticipated, but this job is something I have spent 15 years and a sick amount of money preparing for.

Will I miss putting on my boots every day? I'm not sure. After 6000+ days on snow, there have been an increasing number of days I wish I didn't have to put them on.
Will I miss the comraderie of my co-workers in the locker room? Most certainly! Many have become my closest friends. And I will miss the daily banter each morning and afternoon.
What I will miss the most are my clients that have grown to be friends over the years. They are the reason I kept teaching- through the niggling injuries, through the fatigue, through the weather, and through the poor snow years!

I will be going inactive in my status as an examiner (which should bring sighs of relief from many who struggle with pivot slips) until I determine exactly what my schedule my be in future seasons. Maybe I will be able to keep skiing/ teaching on a regular basis once I have that schedule established, maybe not... But it will take a year or so to sort that out.

Just in the past several days, I have run into several of my former co-workers who had quit teaching over the past few winters. Almost unanimously, they claim they enjoy their skiing more now than they have in a very long time. "Imagine", they say, "taking an entire run without having to look over your shoulder to see if your student has biffed it". I wonder how long it takes to not automatically look, anyway?

I leave for Houston today. In a few hours, I will be packing a rental truck with my meager belongings and heading eastbound. By tonight I will likely be somewhere in Kansas or Oklahoma.

As I drive away through Eagle and Summit Counties, I know I will be leaving behind 30 years of memories, friends, and an industry which I love dearly.

But the future presents a whole new set of challenges, new places to see, new friends to be made, new memories.

Though I will be able to return on a part time basis, it can not be the same as when you are so entrenched in the daily existence of life in a ski resort. Those of you who only visit them will not understand. Those of you who are in it, know exactly what I mean. I will become an outsider.

Maybe that is the thing I'm fearing the most? I guess I have already crossed that line....

So- moving ahead! I will keep lurking around here as I have for so long, shaking my head at some, laughing out loud at others.

But I promise to wave my wings every time I pass over a ski area, where ever it may be....

I hope everybody has a great season, lots of snow, and continued good health!


Ric Reiter
EX- Vail Snopro
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Congrats. You might loose a few days on snow now, but you will pick them up later. You will gain quality over quantity.
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Ric, there's nothing 'ex' about your love of skiing and how you've shared that with others--including here at Epic. Have a blast flying and enjoy life's newest adventure!
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Best wishes; you'll do well. I think you've followed your heart and made the right decision. There will be a time most of us who teach full time need to make a decision on moving on to others worlds (for whatever reason) but we will never leave behind the joy and passion we have shared with others.

Maybe Pete Amos can become the new pivot slip Nazi!!!
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Ric, what a blessing to be able to leave one love for another, maintaining the connection with the first! I know that you will be pleased with your move, even though there will be bittersweet moments. Take with you the best, return to visit often, and enjoy your freedom in the skies!

Blessings to you!
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Good luck, Ric. May the skies be as friendly as the mountains to you.
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Now go back and read Wolfgang Langwische ....

Just to remind you that you now have the "best seat in the house" ..

What a guy ... I'd make a pact with the devil to have your talent .... not to mention the dues you paid to get there!

Guys like you piss me off though .... cause you serve as a constant reminder of what can be done in life with effort and talent (flying and skiing) ..

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Change, the essence of life. Good luck and have fun.
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Congratulations Ric. What a radical change in careers! Too damn cool!

I am very happy for you.
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Wow Ric,
Congratulations on a new career that you've been working so hard for. There have been big changes for many of us this year it seems.

My best wishes for you in your new position. We'll miss you here in Colorado. I hope we can get together for at least one Minturn Margarita while you are here this winter. Have a safe journey!!

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Just don't do no pivot slips going mach 5!

Congrats on your new venture. We knew you liked to go fast. They say when you fly with your hair on fire, you never want to go back..
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Good luck, Ric! My dad is a pilot and still loves it.
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Congrats, Ric. Now just one piece of advice...
Landing switch works for skis, not planes.
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Señor Ric, FELICIDADES! Man, you have just served as inspiration to my forthcoming move (TOTAL LIFE-CHANGE) to Columbus, OH.

As LUCKY stated: Change, the essence of life. Good luck and have fun.

Don´t recall if we ever met you, but the few lesson we and our son have taken have always been a blast, thanks to people like you.

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All the best with your new venture. I am one who can relate to hitting the road (away from the ski area) for the last time. It wasn't easy to bag it after 20 years.

The beauty is that there is always tomorrow....some day you'll retire from that job and I'll all but bet you end up teaching part time (full time?) somewhere!

It's easy to find a new nitch.....Heck....almost no one knew me when I got to Epic....and since I've had quite a lot of fun here.

I'll be watching for a wing tip from here on.........Good Luck !!! UL
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Wow Ric, congrats on your new career. I'm happy for you but it looks like I'll never collect on that promised run at Vail. My bad, I should have come visit sooner.

Good luck.
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But what are the ladies in the lockerroom going to do now?????

Have a great time with the new assignment.
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Congrats Ric - best wishes in all you do!
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Best of luck Ric - be safe!
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Congratulations and good luck with the new life. Corporate air force is pretty nice, and you never know when you'll lay-over in Denver, Eagle, SLC, Taos, Albaquerque, Jackson Hole or Tahoe. Be sure to take a laptop and check in with us when you have an hour to kill on a stop.
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I will always remember my first ETU and to this day, when I hit a slick spot and feel a bit tense, I still hear your voice yelling, "If you don't trust your edges, they'll never hold you!"

Best of luck Ric. I guess your really into "big air" now.
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ric, good luck in your new direction!

(does this mean I can now post an entry in the "can instructors fall" thread?)
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Do they know what they're getting into?

Best of Everything, Ric!

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Ski in the clouds. Fly above them. Congrats!

ps Houston's a great town. You'll like it!
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Best of luck in:


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Enjoy the changes Ric

I still remember the chat room days when you would often be talking about flying...

Good luck and best wishes for your future adventures
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Fly high with a big smile!
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For a minute there, I thought Bonni's pic was proof that Ric was English - then I realised those were ribs, not teeth...
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I thought English bad teeth was a myth like high meat?????
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