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Tell Me About Atomic B10 TR '05-'06...

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howdy, kidz,

what can you tell me about these boots...


...flex, fit, level of use...the good, the bad & the ugly...

(...just a comment regarding searchin' other sites, whether mfgr's, mags or consumer/store sites...i know this has been talked about in other gear sections...i'm just addin' my $0.02...the ski industry as a whole does not make it easy for consumers to get sufficient info about current gear, much less previous seasons...thank goodness for epic & real skiers...but i just don't understand it...an excellent example of how NOT to do it is ski/skiing's new site, skinet...just terrible & they call it progress...i called to their editorial offices and complained...what are they thinking!!!

i'd never subscribe to any hardcopy mag where you can't reference previous years reviews....that's why i put my $ here & to peter k, at real skiers...skipressworld is free & they do an outstanding job on gear reviews...way better than anything you can get on a magazine rack & pay real money for!!

so, i want to extend my appreciation to all you bears out there who answered my other boot ? this week, as well as, those who may answer about these boots...end of r&r)


bruce marks
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It is a nice bot if you have a high volume forefoot. It is fairley snug in the heel and ankle for a boot with this size of a the forefoot. A 104 mm (wide) last. It will take a pretty large calf also. It has one of the, if not the flatest ramp angles in the industry. In my opinion a big plus. It also has the forefoot pivoted 3 dgrees to the outside, which I personaly like. Pretty easy to alter forward lean too. Performance wise it will do well for all but the most demanding skier if it fits right. Doesn't have dual cuff adjustment. I've spent the last two years in the B-10. Like it a lot. I am going to try out the m110 this year however. For no other reason than I want to experiment and maybe get a little more performance. We'll see.

The b-10 is a very good boot it it fits you. Later, RicB.
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