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Originally Posted by StevensMan View Post
I bought her SL11 because I’ve got very good deal and just gave it to her to try – now I can not take them back, she loves them (for whatever strange reason). Contrary to popular believe they are not stiff longitudinally and 150cm retail model is much softer then other lengths. I believe slalom skis are easiest to carve on.

The SL11 may not seem stiff longitudinally, but this ski (like most race type skis) must be weighted and up on edge a lot for the ski to bend and the flex to come into play. Torsional rigidity will be another determinant of the “forgiveness” of a ski – Atomics are notoriously stiff torsionally – not a bad thing for the right skier. For her, these skis will want to run straight. Feel the difference between buttering your toast with a butter knife vs. a paring knife. Slalom skis are not the easiest skis to carve on. Particularly for someone of your wife’s current awareness. This does not mean she needs to move to a mid-fat, fat or to an all-mountain no-personality type ski.

Originally Posted by StevensMan View Post
technique and not the skis is the problem.

Has her equipment hindered her progress? Based on her ability? Yes. Based on her current skills? Yes. Severely. With boots too big, which are over-canted, on torsionally rigid, edgy, race skis….

Originally Posted by StevensMan View Post
She only can ski on one ski for a split second. She can however lift her inside ski in a turn as an exercise but it does not make her skiing look better. Other areas of trouble – cannot skate and no quick short turns, no matter what skis or terrain she is on.

Of course not. On this equipment set up, guaranteed low-level plateaus in learning and teaching. This is your learning opportunity SM. Deal with the equipment. (Congrats on starting...) Or, let’s try an experiment: keep the setup the same, ski 40 more days with her and compare videos before and after. You’ll be disappointed.
On the canting, boot alignment thing: very seldom is a static in-house assessment sufficient. An on-snow evaluation is critical. In house gets you in the ballpark. On snow gets you on the field. Don’t just look at the knees for ‘A frame’ – look at the relationship between the tibia and the edge angle, particularly at turn entry. I would strongly encourage a “softer” set-up for her – align the knee just outside the big toe. Aligning her knees over the center of the boot at this point in her learning will discourage her (subconsciously) from articulating effectively.

Originally Posted by StevensMan View Post
Please keep suggestions coming, more interested in technique and approaching to teaching, not equipment related changes.

Gosh SM, as a LIII, you know the drills. You know there are no shortcuts. You are also aware there are many sensations of skiing. Movements to help encourage body/spatial awareness should be ongoing, before you move her to RR track turns. Provide her with snow-ski awareness – the artistry of gliding and sliding, brushing and shaping, as well as her spatial awareness of her feet and ankles and knees and hips and shoulders and hands and head, as well as her flowing, tipping, tilting, leveling, swinging, twisting, one ski, two ski, sequentially, independently, and rhythms, one-two-three, one-two-three, one-two, one-two-one, and flexing, lengthening, tensioning, relaxing, in all ranges, large and subtle, fore-aft, up-down, side-side, 0-10, 10-0, utilizing proper terrain and snow selection, gradient of challenge, and re-affirmation of the established foundation, with each day on snow about the pure joy of sliding down a mountain, feeling a well deserved sense of accomplishment, stimulating limitless enthusiasm for more. Share with her the myriad possibilities of skiing, just as well as how fun it is when the ski goes “down and around”. It’s play. Not a position.

Originally Posted by StevensMan View Post
She does not want to go to lessons – she says that she trust my expertise and I see that she improves every year, so I’m OK with that. Maybe that is why I can teach her being her husband –I do not force issues and we enjoy skiing together.

You’re a lucky man. Take her dancing every chance you have.
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Thanks for the description, ant and JASP.

Jeff and I practice Falling Leaf, Crab Walks, and Pivot Slips quite a bit. I love those! Now I can add another one to the 'quiver'.
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Bonni, Crab walks? If I can ask, why crab walks?
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the oro avanz at about 35 seconds I think he does garlands...
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Very nice skiing in those vids, very nice indeed. yes, he does a short sequence of garlands, although his are very high-speed and precise. He shows how he extends and flattens out the ski to turn them downhill and gather speed, and then rolls into a 2 foot rail to curve the skis back up the hill. Very nice clean demo.
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yes - high speed... but I thought they made the "what to do" part clear for the more visual learner....
(even I could see the stuff so it must have been clear)
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thank you, what a great post!
I believe I know drills and other stuff, I know something about my wife and about skiing so I hope I'll be able to help her enjoy skiing and learn a bit. I'm not really fishing for ideas but still want to looks at others opinions and possible approaches, I'm learning from this and I hope others on this board learn too. My goal is not only improve my wife's skiing, this is kind of secondary, primary goal is to learn more about skiing and about teaching.

What really struck me reading your post - you are disagreeing in very respectable manner and you are able to promote your ideas without attacking different point of view. I think this board will greatly improve if others can do the same. I'll try to learn this too.

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Originally Posted by justanotherskipro View Post
Bonni, Crab walks? If I can ask, why crab walks?
Why not? It gets me to feel when a ski is on edge and when it isn't. It's fun, and looks fun to watch someone do it.

Is there a problem with it? Is it a bad thing to do?:
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Learn to skate on your skis! Huge balance and edge skills accompany skatin. and sh can do it on completley flat terrain.
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I'm having trouble visualizing your movements. When you step off the old ski is it flat, or still on edge?
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