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"Henderson scores...!"

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Tomorrows Hockey match will be epic. Many streaks and numbers to toss around. One memorable anniversary for Canadians will be remembered on Sept 28th. Thirty years after the goal that made Canada stand still. We remember where we all were like the Kennedy assination and Sept 11th, but it was a galvanizing and watershed moment in Canadian history. Some said the capture of Vimy Ridge made us a country...Paul Henderson's goal made us a people. In a MaClean's poll it ranked 8th in importance in 20th century Canadian History.
The "Summit Series" culminated in a 8th game tiebreaker (the soviets and canadian pros each 3-3-1). Schools let out, businesses closed...the nation held it's breath.
I will never forget Foster Hewitt's play call and the vision of Yvonne Cournyeor hugging his countryman...Tretiak's dismayed face.
I understand as a Canadian the emotion Americans felt in 1980. It is going to be a monumental battle. For the millionaire players it will be the most significant game of their lives. For Yanks a loss will put a bad finish to a fine olympics, they will shrug it off, wake up the next day and watch basketball. For Canadians a loss will result in government commissions and four years of mourning.
I wish for good sportsmanship, fair officiating and may the gold be earned...with respect and friendship. LET'S GET READY TO RRRUMMBLLEEE!!

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Hi Robin,

I am a US citizen and today in SE Michigan just north of Windsor. You of course know that Windsor and the immediate surrounding portions of Ontario is the only place where the US is North of Canada.

Being so close to Windsor allows us to view the CBC. Again this has been a wonderful experience since your country's national TV network is willing to broadcast so many events on a real time basis, not like NBC waiting to create this "fudged" up drama via a delayed and edited broadcast for prime time viewing. The CBC did a great job from Sidney !

I do have to say that at times your Brian Williams sometimes becomes a little too much but that pales to the overly obnoxus Katie Couric commentary of the opening ceremonies. Of course I quickly switched channels and watched the CBC, and probably will again tonight.

Now to Hockey ! It is like in Europe where there is this fanatasism for Soccer. Too many people put too much of their identity into what happens with their local or national team.Canadian Hockey I think is a similiar experience.Of course we are guility of it in the USA as well, when it comes to football, basketball, and here in Detroit, during the NHL playoffs, it is Red Wing mainia. BTW, why is it the NHL, it should be the IHL.

Remember the Olympics, it is about international competition in sport as a substitute for War. IT IS NOT SUPPOSE TO LEAD TO WAR! But your charming, and very diplomatic skating pairs couple that finally received their gold, that was deserved.

The Russians have eaten too many sour grapes since that moment, and I hope this doesn't effect international relations.

The US Boycott of the 1980 Mosccow games by our then incompetitent President, Jimmy Carter, I beleive was a mistake. It only made a statement that lasted a few weeks, and acheived nothing but to undermine the credibility of our nation. I think to this day the Russians have not forgiven us for that mistake, the opportunity to be successful against us in their own home land, and how it negatively effected the Olympic experience for the other world athletes.

Unfortunately, there are too many countries that tie too much of their own national identity to the results they achieve at the Olympics. I know that's easy for someone from such a dominant country to state, and may show some insensitivity, but remember it is about the athletes, competeing in athletic competition rather than slaughtering each other in war.

As to highly paid professional athletes competing, I am not for it. It should be amatures, but the former Soviet block of countries and others went around the rules so now anyone can compete regardless of standing.

I would urge you and your fellow Canadians not to over react to whatever the results of todays Hockey game. For most of the pros it is not about the money, it is about who will be wearing what color medal in thier respective team locker rooms once the NHL season resumes.

For the Red Wings I believe there will be 11 medal winners of various alloys from various countries. We have guys like Hassik, Federov Yzerman, Damphoust [ Sp?], Shanahan. Our greatest was Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe.Not a US born one in the bunch, though many such as Gordie, and the Captain are now US citizens, and we like that.

I am looking forward to todays contest. It has the potential of being of historic proportions, may be even as large as the US vs.the Soviet Union semifinal game of 1980. It is afterall a sporting event, not a reason to examine and reset national or international policies for either country, because of defeat.

The Swedes, Ok so they didn't do as well as expected, but I think thier media and government over reacted to thier prformance.

So let the "athletes" play, and nothing more.Let the fans enjoy thmeselves, but riots and other forms of over indulgence really are not needed.

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