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Vist show plates only

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I see what appears to be a vist plate made for the stockli cross pros on every picture I find but that plate is not listed anywhere to purchase . Does vist make plates just for show only ?
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No they do not make plates for show only that I am aware of. I retail VIST. But they do make both plates and risers that are available from the ski manufacturer only. See pictures of the bindings made for the new Rotor.
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I just bought some Nordica's race stock skis that came with that same plate.
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vist plate

well, I am going to call Stockli direct and see what they tell me .
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That is a VIST WC AIR plate. They now have a different design based on the same basic inital design but the center bar has been adapted to be removable to adjust to larger and smaller boots. That WC AIR design is not used anymore to my knowledge, but since it has been removed from Nordica skis it may be being used for other brands. I am not sure about that one though. It is just a WC AIR though - nothing new special or different about it.
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The plate is a Vist WC Air Pro.

edit: Helluva must have been typing at the same time as me.
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Artech used to carry them. PJ had some VIST plates hanging at his shop; I don't remember which ones though. Both shops might be might be worth calling.
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