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Freaky thing happened...

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So I'm watching "National Geographic's most shocking moments", or something like that last night. A skiing segment comes on and they show Garret Bartlet's tumble down Needle-eye Couloir, Terry Cook's leg-breaker in Tahoe, and THEN they whip out Anna Kanarowski's fall in Alaska. She tumbled some 2,200 feet down a steep face, breaking bones, rupturing her liver, severe internal damage, etc. Flew her out on a heli to the closest trauma center. Really brutal crash!!! Horrifying even!

Anyway, it hit pretty close to home because I went to college with Anna in the early 90's. She and I taught skiing on the same crew at Snowy Range, WY. Partied a few times. Skied Winter Park together with the UW Ski Club. We ran in the same circle of friends that liked to hit Steamboat's opening day for about 4 seasons in a row. She used to work at Beaver Creek last I had heard anything about her where-abouts, though. I never heard anything about the incident before last night.

So I was wondering. Do any of you know Anna? Is she still skiing? She was a good skier when I knew her, and appeared to only become better after. She appeared in a couple Warren Miller flicks and ROCKED. I'm not necessarily a close friend or anything, but it would be a shame if the crash ended her skiing!

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Wow--that's not usually the way you want to run into an old friend!

I don't know anything about Anna, but a Google search brings up a little information. That fall was in 1997, and apparently she skied in at least one Warren Miller movie--1999's Fifty--after that, so it looks like the fall didn't end her skiing. I suppose that movie could have been filmed prior to the fall, or it may have shown the fall itself. But at least one report said that she didn't even break a bone in that fall.

Anyone else know?

Best regards,
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Ah! I had spelled the name wrong when I tried to look her up. I didn't realize the fall was BEFORE her appearance in "Fifty". The article says she had no broken bones, and that she was flown to Valdez. TV claims it was there that they found some pretty harsh damage internally. Ruptured liver and bleeding and the like. Maybe added the "broken bones" to make it sound worse than it was. TV wouldn't do that, would they? (Eyes rolling) Glad she's OK.

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