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Goggle Use

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Do you wear your goggles all the time on the snow or only under certain scenarios like going fast or snowing ect?
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all the time, all conditions, always...
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All the time and when going fast are pretty much the same thing. Aren't they?

Yes. I put them on as I head to the lift and keep wearing them until I stop skiing. If you set them on your forehead or touque when riding the chair or waiting for someone to catch up, or negotiating a crowd of gapers at the start of a steep pitch goggles will gather up moisture and fog on you. I need them to keep my eyes from tearing up even though I wear glasses.
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I wear my goggles virtually every day I'm skiing. The only time I won't is when it's too warm to wear my helmet -- i.e., late March, early April I'll wear a baseball hat and sunglasses, provided it's warm enough. Other then that -- goggles are on.
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Never! I hate goggles. Tight fitting sunglasses; I have a few pair of identical Uvex bike glasses that I keep in my bag and wear mostly the medium grey for days and the clear for early morning and evening skiing.

Something about a constricted feeling or blocked peripheral vision with goggles.

Most sunglasses, even the expensive Oakley, let in too much air at speed and cause my eyes to tear but the bike glasses seem to keep the air out pretty well.
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Every minute of every day out. My eyes tear up like crazy without them.
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I keep them on except when I'm speaking with guests directly (I like to converse when they can see my eyes, but I do forget at times). I have worn them for years. I do wear nice sunglasses when I'm not wearing a helmet, but that's pretty rare.
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I wear goggles pretty near always. (Sunglasses on very warm days would be the only exception.)

One of the nicest things about wearing a helmet is that it makes goggle management much easier. When you prop them up above the forehead, they don't fog up the way they would if you did the same thing on a hat.
And you can keep the goggles and helmet connected all day and treat them as a single unit.

I think goggles should always be worn when skiing trees.
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Always...skiing without goggles feels like swimming without water.
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Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
All the time and when going fast are pretty much the same thing. Aren't they?
I was thinking the same thing.
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i too wear my goggles most always; thk God Oakley made 'em in pink
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Goggles most always, except on hot spring days.
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Sunglasses unless it's dark or snowing. Naked eyes night skiing, goggles only when the snow is falling.
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My eyes have become so accustomed to the filtering properties of the different goggles I have that I have difficulty picking up contours without them. The only exception is bright spring days where I have some orang/yellow tinted Nike sunglasses that work well.
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I almost always wear goggles. I have rose colored lenses so they are fine for low light and bright days. Maybe 2 days a year or so I will wear sunglasses and even then, I normally switch at lunch or something.
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All of the guys i ski with and i wear them from first run to last . We have several differant prs with differant lenses for various light conditions .( flat light . bright sunlight and nite skiing). Not only do they keep your eyes from watering but really help out when it is very cold . We ski several days at temps below Zero F , and windchills that are pretty tuff .

These and a good helmet and full balaclava keep you out there skiing in pretty tuff wind or temps but also some super nice trail/snow conditions otherwise
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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post
Sunglasses unless it's dark or snowing.
Me too. Around here it means sunglasses a few days per season and goggles most of the time.
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Goggles all the time for me.
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Below 35-40 deg, goggles above that my Oakley M-frames.
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goggles all the time!
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Dark lens goggles for bright sun

Yellow lens goggles for flat light

Sunglasses for bright light on warm days
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