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Well, how was opening day?

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Did anyone ski today at Loveland's opening day, or at Araphahoe yesterday or today? I'm not planning on going anywhere near them until maybe mid-week this week, but I'm curious how the conditions are.

It poured rain off and on today down in the lower elevations of Summit County, and temperatures were in the low to mid 40's. Was it cold enough at Loveland/Arapahoe to snow, or was it a soggy way to start the season?

We're off and running, either way!

Best regards,
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Not as crowded today as I

expected. I skied for about 3 hours this afternoon at the Basin and got in 13 runs. The line was about 10 minutes till after 2:30 and then it was only a minute or two. It was snowing up there all afternoon.
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I was in the A-Basin in the afternoon and it was snowing.
The conditions were great.
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spoke to the new assistant ssd at loveland at about 2:00 p.m. he said it was exceedingly quiet and snowing hard, albeit, a wet snow.

snowed in grand county at about the 9000 foot level.
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Good news, then! I was really afraid that the snow line was only way up high at best today. The mountains were covered in clouds, so I couldn't see what was going on up there. Glad to hear it snowed!

Best regards,
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I skied Loveland and shortly after I left it started snowing (rain in Silverthorne/Breck). Conditions were similar to any other 1st day. The one odd thing is that they have not blown any snow on Spillway. In years past it seems like they open with one solid run of snow and by the time they open they have blown quite a bit of snow on Spillway which opens the following week. Today Spillway was barren...I'm sure due to the warm temps. I would imagine it could be a couple of weeks (assuming no major snowfalls) before another run opens.
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Good to hear they've opened. I drove by Loveland the other day and I wasn't sure when they'd be opening. I'm hoping to get out there pretty soon and get back out on the snow.
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Loveland lost a lot of their snow and had to re-create the snowpack. I know they're bummed that A beat them by a day...
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No pics?
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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese View Post
No pics?
useless without 'em:
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Good to hear that some of you are out on the slopes...wish I was. I probably won't get out for a few months unfortunately. Bring on the pics!
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So Loveland opened yesterday? Amazing. They were on the TV news indicating that they wouldn't open with the Basin because they were holding opening until they could offer a quality experience. Glad it only took them 24 hours to create it.

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It's too warm and the cover is sketchy in spots thanks to the 40+ weather. Even if it doesn't snow we need some colder weather. Streams are still running strong with melt water.
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Looks like Mother Nature may be ready to help things along:

"The National Weather Service in Denver has issued a Winter Storm Watch... which is in effect from late Monday night through late Tuesday
night. Snow will develop in the high mountains Monday night... and may be heavy at times Tuesday and Tuesday night. Storm total accumulations
of up to 18 inches are possible."
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Loveland was decent yesterday. No rocks, a little grass poking through, no lift lines. Spillway had the snow guns set up on it, but still looked pretty thin (and Richard's Run further down looked bare and rocky ).
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