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Does size matter?

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Is 180 cm really long enough? They have 180cm GS 11s on sale, but that seems too short to me for a GS ski. Then again, 165 cm seemed impossibly short for a slalom ski, but I'm pretty happy with the WC SC,s short-turn performance. Do you think I could be happy with 180 cm GS 11?

OOPS, sorry. I thought I was still in the gear form. Please move post.

EDIT: They might have been 181 cms (radius was 21) ; they had GS9s as well....too many numbers to remember.
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No, get a new SG. 180 is too short for you.
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Thanks Telerod. You just saved me from throwing away about 400 bucks! You are right, not that 180 is too short; 165 isn't too short. You are right that only my SGs will feel like my beloved old SGs. ( I think I should add something about prying them off my cold dead feat here : )
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They would blow you away, not your money

I've had 193 cm long 10.26s, and I now have a pair of 10.22s in 188. I don't ski on them very often, it's just to do something different once in a while. When I take them out they always feel so small at first, while they dangle from my feet in the chairlift - not strange since the rest of the time I'm on skis 2-3 cm wider. The feeling lasts all the way until I make the first turn. From that point on you only think about staying on top of things

I tried some GS11s in 180 and it's a helluva ski. I didn't miss the 8 cm from my 10.22s (although I hadn't skied them in quite a while).

Compared to a sg ski you'll have more fun more of the time on most normal runs. If you're going down empty downhill courses all the time then it's another thing, but for more normal runs you can't beat a modern gs ski for speed and involvement. You already have the sl skis, what better way to fill that gap?
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Well, I was thinking you could replace the SGs with a new state of the art SG. But since you are happy with the old ones, perhaps a GS would fill a gap in your quiver. I'd think something closer to 190cm would suit you better, like the 188s Torfin has.

I'm not a quiver guy, I don't have much money and I don't even ski very much. I used an Elan SCX on one foot and an Elan Darkside on the other foot for most of one season, at that point it could have been said that I had a quiver of something less than one pair of skis.

The only person who questioned it was a small girl who rode the chairlift with me and her dad. He shushed her (as if to say "don't embarrass the dirt bag, honey").
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