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Short and Fat for the full mountain experience?

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Hey Yall, very new here, but Im really liking the insight this forum brings.

I need some info and insight to help me upgrade my ride this year, any legitimate insight would be appreciated.

Heres my style, and what I am looking for:

I was born in the mountains of NY, grew up skiing the east, now live in FL and get in a few trips a year to both the east and west sides...

Im an advanced true mountain skiier with nothing left to prove; I did that years ago. I am just as content cruising some blue groomers as I am on steeps, powder, or out of bounds hucking some cliffs along the way, or taking on a big mogul field. I have a tremendous passion for trees, especially tight ones, where I can still find the fresh on my limited time in snow country as I really cant pick my weekends.

Im currently skiing 1080's. Love them... but I also have another set of sticks that I love... dont ya'll laugh now or start throwing disses around, but I love my canon M7's, and no Im not some punk jibber, and I spend (almost) no time in the park.... I like them because they are excellent all mountain sticks with real capability. They travel easy, the things can carve rock solid, handle just about everything, but really shine wherer i love to be the most, in sloopy snow in tight trees, and on the steeps and shoots. If there are any doubters here, try before you diss. Very few people ride them this way, and I cant figure out why. Head on up to a very steep trail covered in a foot of fresh and point them down the steepest section... adjust speed simple by leaning front or back, turn by leaning your head a bit... I call this the elevator ride down, and I guarentte you will love it. A bit to far forward, you tumble. A bit to far back, your digging out of the hole too... and thats the problem. But when you find that balance and shoot effortlessly down a very steep face, nothing beats it. And when you hit the flats at the bottom, and have no flotation to make it the extra 100 foot or more back to the trail, and have no poles, nothing is worse.

With that said, they are very limited, have a very small balance point, and dump you on your face if your balance isnt dead on, which is why I spend most of my time on the 1080's.

Lately, there seems to be a convergence of these two disciplines; the ski boards are getting longer, and the skiis are getting shorter and fatter; and its that balance Im looking for... some sticks that I can travel lightly with, throw them in the rental car without a rack, will give the versality and fun factor as skiboards and handle most situations I come across on 1 set of sticks.

The ones that seem the most promising to me are the Icelantics, prob the scouts, also looking at the crystal ships; although even at 160 I think this is a bit long. Hagan makes a 133 approack ski which I here is excellent skiid the way I want. Im looking for some feedback on these models, and some more models that I might want to check out... other posts reference these as "midget skiis" but do not think this is a standard term.
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Ummmmm. I dunno. I really know nothing about "skiboards" or whatever they're called now. Maybe just get a park ski in a short length?? Troublemakers in a 155 maybe?
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You should check out www.floskis.com Adrien Floriani is a bit of a nutjob, but there is a good chance his skis are what you are looking for. Crystal ships are defintely worth a look as well.

If that isn't the ticket I'd suggest demoing as many twin tips in short sizes and women's powder skis as you can find. Two options that come to mind that will be relatively easy to find as demos are Salomon's Foil in a 150 or 158 or their Scarlet women's powder twin in a 154. Have the demo people set them up at least 2cm behind the "regular" midsole point. Most companies have skis like these in their lines and it is a matter of seeing what works best for you.
Have fun.
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Hey thanks for the responses. Them Floskiis are a bit too gimicky for me, and seem they would be unstable landing from jumps.

Was also looking at the sugar daddy 153; but it does not have the tight carving/short radius abilities of the Icelantic or crystals which I really enjoy about the skiboard lines.

I really like what some call "extreme carving"; used to ride alpine snowboards in the day; gave that up when I realized I could get the exact carves on the skiboards... Ive actually carved full circles while hand dragging and kept going on skiboards (Grooves) but these are so short as to be useless at anything else but tight carving on groomers.

Like I said, I appreciate any input.
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