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Copper vs Alta

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Can you compare Copper mountain with Alta: slopes, snow, etc.. I was in Alta last year and liked it. A friend of mine offers to go to Copper on Dec 21 -25. I do not care about restuarants and night life. All I need is good groomed trails for intermed. to advanced skiers. I like a long and wide ones. How is snow cinditions in December?


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Alta will almost certainly have significantly more snow than Copper at that time of year, but If Copper has good snow it has a ton of the terrain type that you seek.

If you're paying I would take Alta hands down, but if Copper is free or really cheap I would go there as it's a good mountain that I think you'll enjoy a lot if conditions are good.
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Copper is my favorite mountain in Summit County. The last 2 years at least they had great snow at that time. I'll prolly be there a week before you if snow happens.
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Wow, I can't even begin to say how different these places are...If you liked Alta, convince your friend to go there...Copper = CROWDS (thank you Intrawest you've turned it into another Keystone), much less snow (think 250 inches a season), all those skiers and so little snow translate to many days with icy hardpack, corporate atmosphere, coverage can be an issue in December...Alta - AWESOME TERRAIN, 2 times the snow (500+ inches a year), MUCH cheaper for lift tix, MUCH cheaper for lodging (stay in Sandy, UT for $60-70/night). Bottom line is that to an advanced to expert skier Summit County sucks compared to anywhere in UT (or Jackson, WY). If you are an intermediate or beginner Summit may be okay but expensive. From what I've heard, the Park City resorts may be a good alternative to Summit County. Sorry to bag on Copper...I actually learned to ski there, love the terrain (for Summit Co.) and loved the ski area until Intrawest ruined the place. In addition to all the other BS, they are not talking about putting in a cheeseball Hard Rock Hotel...okay I'm off my soapbox.
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"All I need is good groomed trails for intermed. to advanced skiers. I like a long and wide ones. "

On that basis, Copper would be an excellent choice and probably more to your liking than Alta.
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Copper looks fine for what you want. .
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However, copper has porbably more groomers than alta.

Hope my graphical analysis helped
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If you like wide groomers, then any of the big Summit Co. resorts will be very much to your liking! Copper is nice though.
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